Acts 4:25-28

  25 G3588 Who G4750 by the mouth G3816 of your servant G1138 David G2036 have said, G2444 Why G1484 did the heathen G5433 rage, G2992 and the people G3191 imagine G2756 vain things?
  26 G935 The kings G1093 of the earth G3936 stood G758 up, and the rulers G4863 were gathered G1909 together G2596 against G2962 the Lord, G2596 and against G5547 his Christ.
  27 G225 For of a truth G1909 against G40 your holy G3816 child G2424 Jesus, G3739 whom G5548 you have anointed, G5037 both G2264 Herod, G4194 and Pontius G4091 Pilate, G1484 with the Gentiles, G2992 and the people G2474 of Israel, G4863 were gathered G4863 together,
  28 G4160 For to do G3745 whatever G5495 your hand G1012 and your counsel G4309 determined G4309 before G1096 to be done.