Genesis 29:18-30

Coverdale(i) 18 and Iacob loued her well, and sayde: I will serue the seuen yeare, for Rachel thy yongest doughter. 19 Laban answered: It is better that I geue her the, then vnto another: tary thou with me. 20 So Iacob serued seuen yeare for Rachel, and they semed vnto him but few dayes, he loued her so well. 21 And Iacob saide vnto Laban: geue me my wyfe, for the tyme is come that I shulde lye with her. 22 The Laban bad all the people of that place, and made a mariage. 23 But at eue he toke his doughter Lea, and brought her in vnto him, and he laye wt her. 24 And Laban gaue Zilpa his mayde vnto his doughter Lea to be hir mayde. 25 But on the morow, beholde, it was Lea. And he sayde vnto Laban: Why hast thou done this vnto me? Haue not I serued ye for Rachel? Why hast thou then begyled me? 26 Laban answered: It is not the maner in oure countre, to mary the yongest before the eldest. 27 Holde out this weke, & I will geue the this also, for the seruyce yt thou shalt do me yet seuen yeares more. 28 Iacob dyd so, & helde out yt weke. Then gaue he him Rachel his doughter to wyfe. 29 And Laban gaue Bilha his mayden vnto Rachel his doughter to be hir mayden. 30 So he laye with Rachel also, & loued Rachel more the Lea, and serued him yet seuen yeares more.