Genesis 29:18-30

  18 H3290 And Jacob H157 loved H7354 Rachel; H559 and said, H5647 I will serve H7651 you seven H8141 years H7354 for Rachel H6996 your younger H1323 daughter.
  19 H3837 And Laban H559 said, H2896 It is better H5414 that I give H5414 her to you, than that I should give H312 her to another H376 man: H3427 abide with me.
  20 H3290 And Jacob H5647 served H7651 seven H8141 years H7354 for Rachel; H1961 and they seemed H5869 H259 to him but a few H3117 days, H160 for the love he had to her.
  21 H3290 And Jacob H559 said H3837 to Laban, H3051 Give H802 me my wife, H3117 for my days H4390 are fulfilled, H935 that I may go in to her.
  22 H3837 And Laban H622 gathered H3605 together all H582 the men H4725 of the place, H6213 and made H4960 a feast.
  23 H1961 And it came H6153 to pass in the evening, H3947 that he took H3812 Leah H1323 his daughter, H935 and brought H935 her to him; and he went in to her.
  24 H3837 And Laban H5414 gave H1323 to his daughter H3812 Leah H2153 Zilpah H8198 his maid H8198 for an handmaid.
  25 H1961 And it came H1242 to pass, that in the morning, H2009 behold, H3812 it was Leah: H559 and he said H3837 to Laban, H4100 What H2063 is this H6213 you have done H5647 to me? did not I serve H7354 with you for Rachel? H4100 why H2063 H7411 then have you beguiled me?
  26 H3837 And Laban H559 said, H3651 It must not be so H6213 done H4725 in our country, H5414 to give H6810 the younger H6440 before H1067 the firstborn.
  27 H4390 Fulfill H7620 her week, H5414 and we will give H2063 you this H1571 also H5656 for the service H834 which H5647 you shall serve H5750 with me yet H7651 seven H312 other H8141 years.
  28 H3290 And Jacob H6213 did H3651 so, H4390 and fulfilled H7620 her week: H5414 and he gave H7354 him Rachel H1323 his daughter H802 to wife also.
  29 H3837 And Laban H5414 gave H7354 to Rachel H1323 his daughter H1090 Bilhah H8198 his handmaid H8198 to be her maid.
  30 H935 And he went H1571 in also H7354 to Rachel, H157 and he loved H1571 also H7354 Rachel H3812 more than Leah, H5647 and served H5750 with him yet H7651 seven H312 other H8141 years.