Genesis 29:18-30

CLV(i) 18 And loving is Jacob Rachel. And saying is he, "Serve you will I seven years for Rachel, your younger daughter. 19 And saying to him is Laban, "Better I give her to you than that I give her to another man. Dwell, withal. 20 And serving is Jacob for Rachel seven years. And becoming are they in his eyes as several days, in his love for her. 21 And saying is Jacob to Laban, "Grant me my wife, for fulfilled are my days, and I will come to her. 22 And gathering is Laban all the mortals of the place and is making a feast. 23 And coming is it in the evening that Laban is taking Leah, his daughter, and is bringing her to Jacob, and Jacob is coming to her. 24 And giving is Laban Zilpah, his maid, to Leah, his daughter, for a maid. 25 And coming is it in the morning, and behold! She is Leah. And saying is Jacob to Laban, "What is this you do to me? Did I not for Rachel serve with you? And why do you deceive me? 26 And saying is Laban, "Not so is it being done in our place, to give the inferior in station before the firstborn. 27 Fulfill the seven of this one, and give will I to you this one, moreover, for the service which you shall serve, withal, further another seven years. 28 And doing so is Jacob. And fulfilling is he this one's seven. And giving to him is Laban Rachel, his daughter,for his wife. 29 And giving is Laban Bilhah, his maid, to Rachel, his daughter, for her maid. 30 And coming is he, moreover, to Rachel, and, moreover, loving is he Rachel more than Leah. And serving is he with him further another seven years.