Genesis 29:18-30

Wycliffe(i) 18 And Jacob louede Rachel, and seide, Y schal serue thee seuene yeer for Rachel thi lesse douytir. 19 Laban answeride, It is betere that Y yyue hir to thee than to anothir man; dwelle thou at me. 20 Therfor Jacob seruyde seuene yeer for Rachel; and the daies semyden fewe to hym for the greetnesse of loue. 21 And he seide to Laban, Yyue thou my wijf to me, for the tyme is fillid that Y entre to hir. 22 And whanne many cumpenyes of freendis weren clepid to the feeste, he made weddyngis, 23 and in the euentid Laban brouyte in to hym Lya his douytir, 24 and yaf an handmaide, Selfa bi name, to the douyter. And whanne Jacob hadde entrid to hir bi custom, whanne the morewtid was maad, he seiy Lya, 25 and seide to his wyues fadir, What is it that thou woldist do? wher Y seruede not thee for Rachel? whi hast thou disseyued me? 26 Laban answerde, It is not custom in oure place that we yyue first the `lesse douytris to weddyngis; 27 fille thou the wouke of daies of this couplyng, and Y schal yyue to thee also this Rachel, for the werk in which thou schalt serue me bi othere seuene yeer. 28 Jacob assentide to the couenaunt, and whanne the wouke was passid, 29 he weddide Rachel, to whom the fadir hadde youe Bala seruauntesse. 30 And at the laste he vside the weddyngis desirid, and settide the loue of the `wijf suynge bifore the former; and he seruede at Laban seuene othere yeer.