2 Chronicles

Coverdale(i) 1 And Salomon the sonne of Dauid was stablyshed in his kyngdome, and the LORDE his God was with him, & made him exceadinge greate. 2 And Salomon spake vnto all Israel, to the captaynes ouer thousandes and ouer hundreds, to the Iudges, and to all ye prynces in Israel, and to the chefest fathers, 3 so that they wente (Salomon and the whole congregacion with him) vnto the hye place which was at Gibea: for there was ye Tabernacle of ye witnesse of God, which Moses the seruaunt of the LORDE had made in ye wyldernesse. 4 For Dauid had brought vp the Arke of God from Kiriath Iarim, whan he had prepared for it: for he had pitched a tent for it at Ierusalem. 5 As for ye brasen altare which Bezaleel the sonne of Vri the sonne of Hur had made, it was there before the habitacion of the LORDE: and Salomon and the congregacion soughte God. 6 And Salomon offred a thousande burntofferynges vpo the brasen altare that stode before the Tabernacle of witnesse. 7 In the same nighte appeared God vnto Salomon, and sayde vnto him: Axe, what shal I geue the? 8 And Salomon sayde vnto God: Thou hast done greate mercy vnto my father Dauid, and hast made me kynge in his steade. 9 Now LORDE God, let yi worde that thou hast promysed vnto my father Dauid, be verified, for thou hast made me kynge ouer a people, which is as many in nobre as the dust vpon the earth. 10 Graunte me wy?dome therfore and knowlege, yt I maye go out and in before this people: for who is able to iudge this greate people of thine? 11 Then sayde God vnto Salomon: For so moch as thou art so mynded, and hast not desyred riches ner good, ner honor, ner the soules of thine enemies, ner longe life, but hast requyred wy?dome and knowlege, to iudge my people, ouer whom I haue made the kynge, 12 wy?dome therfore and knowlege be geuen the. Morouer, riches & good and honoure wyll I geue the, so that soch one as thou hath not bene before the amoge the kynges, nether shal be after the. 13 So came Salomon from the hye place (which was at Gibeon) vnto Ierusale from ye Tabernacle of witnesse, and reigned ouer Israel. 14 And Salomon gathered him charettes and horsmen, so that he had a thousande and foure hundreth charettes, & twolue thousande horsmen: and those appoynted he to be in the charet cities, and with the kynge at Ierusalem. 15 And the kynge broughte it so to passe, that there was as moch syluer & golde at Ierusale as stones: and as many Ceders, as the Molberyes trees, that are in the valleys. 16 And there were horses broughte vnto Salomon out of Egipte, & the kynges marchauntes fetched them from Kena for moneye. 17 And they came vp, and broughte out of Egipte a charet for sixe hudreth syluer pes, and an horse for an hundreth and fiftye. Thus broughte they also vnto all the kynges of the Hethites, and to the kynges of ye Syrians.