2 Chronicles 10

Coverdale(i) 1 Roboam wente vnto Sichem: for all Israel was come vnto Sichem: to make him kinge. 2 And whan Ieroboa the sonne of Nebat herde that, which was in Egipte ( whither he was fled for kynge Salomon) he came agayne out of Egipte. 3 And they sent for him and called him. And Ieroboam came with all Israel, and spake to Roboam, and sayde: 4 Thy father made or yocke greuous: make thou lighter now ye harde bondage of thy father, and ye heuy yocke that he layed vpon vs, and we wyll submytte oure selues vnto the. 5 He sayde vnto them: Come to me agayne ouer thre dayes. And ye people wente their waye. 6 And Roboam the kynge axed coucell at the Elders, which had stonde before Salomon his father whyle he lyued, and he sayde: What is youre councell, that I maye geue this people an answere? 7 They spake vnto him, and sayde: Yf thou be louynge vnto this people, and deale gently with them, and geue them good wordes, then shal they allwaye be obedient vnto the. 8 Neuerthelesse he forsoke the councell of the Elders that they had geuen him, and toke councell at ye yonge men which were growne vp wt him, and stode before him. 9 And he sayde vnto the: What is youre councell, that we maye answere this people, which haue spoken vnto me, and saide: Make oure yock lighter, yt thy father layed vpon vs? 10 The yongemen yt were growne vp with him, spake vnto him, and sayde: Thus shalt thou saye vnto the people, that haue talked with the & spoken: Thy father made oure yock to heuy, make thou or yock lighter, Thus shalt thou saye vnto them: My litle finger shalbe thicker then my fathers loynes. 11 Yf my father hath layed an heuy yock vpon you, I wyl make youre yock the more. My father chastened you wt scourges, but I wyl beate you with scorpions. 12 Now whan Ieroboam and all the people came to Roboam on the thirde daye (acordynge as ye kinge sayde: Come to me againe on the thirde daie) 13 the kynge gaue the an harde answere. And Roboa the kynge forsoke ye councell of the Elders, 14 & spake vnto the after ye yonge mens councell, & sayde: Yf my father haue made yor yock to heuy, I wil make it yet heuyer. My father chastened you wt scourges, but I wyl beate you wt scorpios. 15 Thus the kynge folowed not ye peoples minde: for so was it determyned of God, yt ye LORDE might stablishe his worde, which he spake by Ahia of Silo, vnto Ieroboa ye sonne of Nebat. 16 But whan all Israel sawe that the kynge wolde not consente vnto them, ye people answered the kynge, and sayde: What porcion haue we then in Dauid, or inheritauce in the sonne of Isai? Let euery man of Israel get him to his tent. Loke thou now to thy house Dauid. And all Israel wente vnto their tentes, 17 so that Roboam reigned but ouer the children of Israel that dwelt in the cities of Iuda. 18 And Roboam sent forth Adoram the rentgatherer, but the children of Israel stoned him to death. And kynge Roboa strengthed himselfe vpon his charet, to flye vnto Ierusalem. 19 Thus fell Israel awaie fro the house of Dauid vnto this daye.