1 Chronicles 29

Coverdale(i) 1 And kynge Dauid sayde vnto all the congregacion: God hath chosen Salomon one of my sonnes, which yet is yonge and tender. But the worke is greate: for it is not a mans palace, but the LORDE Gods. 2 Yet haue I after all my abilite prepared vnto the house of God, golde for the vessels of golde, syluer for them of syluer, brasse for them of brasse, yron for the of yron, wod for them of wod, Onix stones, set Rubyes, & stones of dyuerse coloures, & all precious stones, & Marble stones in multitude. 3 Besydes this, for the good wyl yt I haue to the house of God, 4 I haue of myne awne proper good thre M. taletes of golde of Ophir, & seuen M. taletes of pure syluer, which I geue vnto the holy house of God, besyde all yt I haue prepared, to ouerlaye ye walles of the house, 5 yt the same which ought to be of golde, maye be of golde: & that it which ought to be of syluer, maye be of syluer: and for all maner of worke by the hande of the craftesmen. And who is now fre wyllinge, to fyll his hande this daye vnto the LORDE? 6 Then were the prynces of the fathers, ye prynces of the trybes of Israel, the captaynes ouer thousandes & ouer hundreds, the rulers ouer the kynges busynes, fre wyllinge, 7 & gaue to ye mynistracion in the house of God fyue M. talentes of golde, and ten M. guldens, and ten M. talentes of syluer, eightene M. taletes of brasse, and an hundred M. taletes of yron. 8 And by whom so euer were foude stones, they gaue them to the treasure of the house of the LORDE, vnder the hade of Iehiel the Gersonite. 9 And ye people were glad that they were fre wyllinge: for they gaue it wt a good wyll (euen with all their hert) vnto the LORDE. And Dauid also ye kynge reioysed greatly, 10 and praysed God, and sayde before the whole congregacion: Praysed be thou O LORDE God of Israel oure father, 11 vnto the belongeth worshippe and power, glory, victory & thankes: for all that is in heauen and earth, is thine: thine is ye kyngdome, and thou art exalted aboue all prynces. 12 Thine are riches and honoure before ye, thou reignest ouer all, in thy hande consisteth power and might, in thy hade is it to make euery man greate and stronge. 13 Now thake we the oure God, and prayse ye name of thy glory: 14 For who am I? What is my people? that we shulde be able with a fre wyll to offre, as this is done? For of the commeth all, and of thy hande haue we geuen it the: 15 For we are but pilgrems & straugers before the, as were all oure fathers. Oure life vpon earth is as a shadowe, and here is no abydinge. 16 O LORDE oure God, all this abundaunce that we haue prepared to buylde the an house vnto thy name, came of thy hande, and is thine alltogether. 17 I knowe my God, that thou tryest the hert, and that vnfaynednes is acceptable vnto the: therfore haue I geue all this with an vnfayned hert, eue with a good wyll, and now haue I had ioye to se thy people (which here are present) offre with a fre wyll vnto the. 18 O LORDE God of oure fathers Abraham, Isaac, & Israel, kepe thou euermore soch purposes and thoughtes in ye hertes of thy people, & prepare thou their hertes vnto the. 19 And graunte my sonne Salomon a perfecte hert, that he maye kepe thy comaundementes, thy testimonies, & thy statutes, that he maye do all, & buylde this palace, which I haue prepared. 20 And Dauid sayde vnto the whole cogregacion: O prayse the LORDE yor God. And all the cogregacion praysed ye LORDE God of their fathers, & bowed them selues, & worshipped the LORDE & then the kynge, 21 and offred sacrifices vnto the LORDE. And on ye nexte morow offred they burntofferynges, a M. bullockes, a M. rames, a M. labes wt their drynkofferynges, & plenteously offred they amonge all Israel. 22 And they ate and dranke the same daie before the LORDE with greate ioye, and made Salomon the sonne of Dauid kynge ye seconde tyme, and anoynted him to be ye prynce for the LORDE, & Sadoc to be the prest. 23 Thus sat Salomon vpon the seate of ye LORDE, kynge in his fathers steade, & prospered. And all Israel obeyed him, 24 & all ye rulers & mightie men, & all kynge Dauids children submytted themselues vnto kynge Salomon. 25 And ye LORDE made Salomon excellent & greate in ye sighte of all Israel, and gaue him soch a glorious kyngdome, as none had before him ouer Israel. 26 So had Dauid now bene kynge ouer all Israel. 27 And ye tyme that he was kynge ouer Israel, is fortye yeares: At Hebron reigned he seuen yeare, and at Ierusalem thre & thirtie yeare, 28 & dyed in a good age, full of dayes, riches and honoure. And Salomon his sonne was kynge in his steade. 29 These actes of kynge Dauid (both ye first and last) beholde, they are wrytten amonge the actes of Samuel the Seer, and amonge the actes of the prophet Nathan, and amoge the actes of Gad the Seer, 30 with all his kyngdome, power and tymes which passed vnder him, both vpon Israel & vpon all the kyngdomes of the earth.