2 Chronicles 21

Coverdale(i) 1 And Iosaphat fell on slepe wt his fathers, & was buried wt his fathers in the cite of Dauid, & Ioram his sonne was kynge in his steade. 2 And he had brethre the sonnes of Iosaphat: Asaria, Iehiel, Zacharias, Asaria, Michael & Sephatia. All these were the children of Iosaphat kynge of Iuda. 3 And their father gaue them many giftes of syluer, golde & Iewels, wt stronge cities in Iuda. But the kyngdome gaue he vnto Ioram: for he was the first borne. 4 But whan Ioram came vp ouer his fathers kyngdome, & had gotten the power of it, he slewe all his brethre with the swerde, & certayne rulers also in Israel. 5 Two & thirtie yeare olde was Ioram whan he was made kynge, & reigned eight yeare at Ierusale, 6 & walked in the waye of ye kynges of Israel, euen as the house of Achab dyd (for Achabs doughter was his wife) & he dyd that which was euell in the sighte of the LORDE. 7 Neuertheles ye LORDE wolde not destroie the house of Dauid, for the couenauntes sake, which he made wt Dauid, and acordinge as he had sayde, yt he wolde geue him and his children a lanterne for euermore. 8 At ye same tyme fell ye Edomites awaye from Iuda, and made a kynge ouer them selues: 9 for Ioram had gone ouer with his captaynes and all the charettes with him, & had gotten him vp in the night season, and slayne the Edomites on euery syde, and the rulers of the charettes: 10 therfore fell ye Edomites awaye from Iuda vnto this daye. At ye same tyme fell Lybna awaye from him also: because he forsoke the LORDE God of his fathers. 11 He made hye places also on the mountaynes in Iuda, & caused them of Ierusale to go awhorynge, and disceaued Iuda. 12 But there came a wrytinge vnto him fro the prophet Elias, sayenge: Thus sayeth the LORDE God of thy father Dauid: Because thou hast not walked in the wayes of thy father Iosaphat, nether in ye wayes of Asa the kynge of Iuda, 13 but walkest in the waye of the kynges of Israel, and makest Iuda and them of Ierusalem to go awhorynge after the whordome of the house of Achab, and hast slayne thy brethren also of thy fathers house, which were better the thou. 14 Beholde, the LORDE shal smyte the wt a greate plage on thy people, on thy children & thy wyues, and on all thy substaunce. 15 But thou thy selfe shalt haue moch sicknesse in thy bowels, tyll thy bowels go forth from daye to daye for very disease. 16 So ye LORDE raysed vp agaynst Ioram, the sprete of the Philistynes, & Arabians, which lye besyde the Morians, 17 and they wente vp in to Iuda, and waysted it, and caried awaye all the substaunce that was founde in the kynges house, & his sonnes, and his wyues, so yt there was not one sonne lefte him, saue Ioahas his yogest sonne. 18 And after all this dyd ye LORDE smyte him in his bowels, with soch a sicknesse as coulde not be healed. 19 And whyle that endured from daye to daye, whan the tyme of two yeares was expyred, his bowels wente from him wt his sicknesse, and he dyed in euell diseases. And they made not a burninge ouer him, as they dyd vnto his fathers. 20 Two and thirtie yeare olde was he wha he was made kynge, and reigned eight yeare at Ierusale, and walked not well. And they buried him in the cite of Dauid, but not amoge the sepulcres of the kynges.