2 Chronicles 16

Coverdale(i) 1 In the sixe and thirtieth yeare of ye reigne of Asa, wente Baesa the kynge of Israel vp agaynst Iuda, and buylded Rama, to let Asa the kynge of Iuda, yt he shulde not go out and in: 2 But Asa toke forth the treasure in the house of the LORDE, and the syluer and golde in the kynges house, and sent it vnto Benadad ye kynge of Syria, which dwelt at Damascon, and caused to saye vnto him: 3 There is a couenaunt betwene me and the, betwene my father and thy father, therfore haue I sent ye syluer and golde, that thou mayest breake ye couenaunt with Baesa the kynge of Israel, that he maye departe fro me, 4 Benadad herkened vnto kynge Asa, and sent his hoost agaynst the cities of Israel, which smote Eion, Dan and Abel Maim, and all the corne cities of Nephtali. 5 Whan Baesa herde that, he lefte of from buyldinge Rama, and ceassed from his worke. 6 But kynge Asa toke all Iuda vnto him, and caried awaye ye stones and tymber (wherwith Baesa buylded) and he buylded Geba & Mizpa withall. 7 At the same tyme came Hanani the Seer vnto Asa the kynge of Iuda, and sayde vnto him: Because thou hast trusted vnto the kynge of Syria, and not put thy trust in the LORDE thy God, therfore is the power of the kynge of Syria escaped thy hade. 8 Were not the Moryans and Lybians a greate multitude with exceadinge many charettes and horsmen? Yet gaue the LORDE them in to thy hande, whan thou dyddest put thy trust in him: 9 for the eyes of the LORDE loke rounde aboute all londes, to strength them yt are in him with all their hert. Thou hast done vnwysely, therfore shalt thou haue warre from hece forth. 10 But Asa was wroth at ye Seer, and put him in preson: for he murmured with him ouer this thinge. And Asa oppressed certayne of the people at ye same tyme. 11 These actes of Asa both first and last, beholde, they are wrytten in the boke of ye kynges of Iuda & Israel. 12 And Asa was diseased in his fete in the nyne and thirtieth yeare of his reigne, and endured ther ouer. Nether soughte he the LORDE in his sicknesse, but trusted vnto Phisicians. 13 Thus fell Asa on slepe with his fathers, & dyed in the one and fortieth yeare of his reigne, 14 & was buried in his awne sepulcre which he had caused to be grauen for him selfe in the cite of Dauid. And they layed him vpon his bed, which was fylled with swete odoures & all maner of spyces (made after ye Apotecaries craft) and made a very greate burnynge.