2 Chronicles 25

Coverdale(i) 1 Fyue and twentye yeare olde was Amasias whan he was made kynge, and reigned nyne and twentye yeare at Ierusalem. His mothers name was Ioadan of Ierusalem. 2 And he dyd yt which was right in the sighte of the LORDE, but not wt a whole her. 3 Now whan his kingdome was in stregth, he slewe his seruautes which had slayne the kinge his father. 4 But their childre slewe he not, for so is it wrytten in the boke of the lawe of Moses, where the LORDE comaundeth, and sayeth: The fathers shal not dye for the children, nether shal the children dye for the fathers: but euery one shal die for his awne synne. 5 And Amasias broughte Iuda together, and set them after the fathers houses, after the rulers ouer thousandes & ouer hundreds amonge all Iuda and BenIamin, and nombred them from twentye yeare olde & aboue, and founde of the thre hundreth thousande chosen men, which were able to go forth to the warre, and caryed speares and shyldes. 6 And out of Israel appoynted he an hundreth thousande stronge men of warre for an hundreth talentes of siluer. 7 But there came a man of God vnto him, and sayde: O kynge, Let not the hoost of Israel come wt the: for the LORDE is not with Israel, nether with all the childre of Ephraim. 8 For yf thou commest to shewe yi boldnes in the battaill, God shal make the fall before thine enemies. For God hath power to helpe, and to cause for to fall. 9 Amasias sayde vnto the man of God: What shal be done then with ye hundreth talentes yt I haue geue ye soudyers of Israel? The ma of God sayde: The LORDE hath yet more the this to geue the. 10 So Amasias separated out the men of warre which were come to him out of Ephraim, yt they shulde departed vnto their place. Then waxed their wrath very whote agaynst Iuda, and they wente agayne vnto their place in wrothfull displeasure. 11 And Amasias stregthed himselfe, and caried out his people, and wente forth in to the Salt valley, and smote ten thousande of the children of Seir. 12 And the childre of Iuda toke ten thousande of the alyue, whom they broughte vp to the toppe of a mountayne, and cast the downe headlinges from the toppe of the mount, so that they all to barst in sunder. 13 But ye childre of the men of warre whom Amasias had sent awaye agayne (that they shulde not go to the battayll with his people) fell in to the cities of Iuda, from Samaria vnto Beth Horon, and smote thre thousande of me, and toke moch spoyle. 14 And whan Amasias came agayne from the slaughter of the Edomites, he broughte the goddes of the children of Seir, and made them his goddes, and worshipped before them, & brent incense vnto them. 15 Then was the LORDE very wroth at Amasias, & sent vnto him a prophet, which sayde vnto him: Why sekest thou the goddes of the people, which coulde not delyuer their folke from yi hande? 16 And whan he talked with him, the kynge sayde vnto him: Haue they made ye of the kynges councell? Ceasse, why wilt thou be smytten? Then the prophet ceassed, & sayde: I perceaue, that the LORDE is mynded to destroye ye, because thou hast done this, and herkenest not vnto my councell. 17 And Amasias ye kyuge of Iuda toke coucell, & sent vnto Ioas the sonne of Ioahas ye sonne of Iehu, kynge of Israel, sayege; Come, let vs se one another. 18 But Ioas the kynge of Israel sent vnto Amasias ye kynge of Iuda, sayenge: The hawthorne in Libanus sent vnto ye Cedre tre in Libanus, sayege: Geue thy doughter vnto my sonne to wife. But a wylde beest in Libanus ranne ouer ye hawthorne, & trode it downe. 19 Thou thinkest: Beholde, I haue smytten the Edomites, therfore is thine hert proude to boaste. Now byde at home: why stryuest thou after mysfortune, that thou mayest fall & Iuda wt the? 20 Neuertheles Amasias consented not: for so was it broughte to passe of God, yt they mighte be geuen in to the handes of the enemies, because they soughte the goddes of ye Edomites. 21 Then wente Ioas the kynge of Israel vp, & they sawe one another, he and Amasias the kynge of Iuda, at Beth Semes which lyeth in Iuda. 22 But Iuda was smytte before Israel, and they fled euery one vnto his tent. 23 And Ioas the kynge of Israel toke Amasias ye kynge of Iuda, the sonne of Ioas ye sonne of Ioahas, at Beth Semes, & broughte him to Ierusalem, & brake downe the wall of Ierusale, from ye porte of Ephraim vnto the corner porte, eue foure hundreth cubites longe: 24 and toke with him all the golde, and siluer, and all the ornamentes that were foude in ye house of God with ObedEdom, and in the treasures in the kynges house, and the childre to pledge vnto Samaria. 25 And Amasias the sonne of Ioas kynge of Iuda, liued after the death of Ioas the sonne of Ioahas kynge of Israel fiftene yeare. 26 What more there is to saye of Amasias (both the first and last) beholde, it is written in ye boke of the kynges of Iuda & Israel. 27 And fro the tyme forth that Amasias departed from the LORDE, they conspyred against him at Ierusalem. But he fled vnto Lachis. The sent they after him vnto Lachis, & slewe him there. 28 And they brought him vpo horses & buried him beside his fathers in the cite of Iuda.