2 Chronicles 24

Coverdale(i) 1 Ioas was seuen yeare olde whan he was made kynge, and reigned fortie yeare at Ierusale. His mothers name was Zibea of Berseba. 2 And Ioas dyd that which was right in the sight of the LORDE, as longe as Ioiada the prest lyued. 3 And Ioiada gaue him two wiues, & he begat sonnes & doughters. 4 Afterwarde deuysed Ioas to renue the house of the LORDE, 5 & gathered together the prestes and Leuites, & sayde vnto the: Go forth vnto all the cities of Iuda, & gather the money of all Israel, to repayre ye house of God yearly, and do it righte soone: but the Leuites made no haist. 6 Then the kynge called Ioiada the pryncipall, and sayde vnto him: Why lokest thou not vnto the Leuites, yt they bringe in from Iuda and Ierusalem, the colleccion which Moses the seruaunt of the LORDE appoynted to be gathered amoge Israel for the Tabernacle of witnes? 7 For yt vngodly Athalia & hir sonnes haue waisted the house of God: and all that was halowed for the house of the LORDE, haue they bestowed on Baalim. 8 Then commaunded the kynge to make a chest, and to set it without at the intraunce of the house of the LORDE: 9 & caused it to be proclamed in Iuda and Ierusale, that they shulde bringe in to the LORDE, the colleccio, which Moses the seruaut of God appointed vnto Israel in ye wildernes. 10 The were all ye rulers glad, & so were all ye people, & brought it, and cast it in to the chest, tyll it was full. 11 And whan the tyme was yt the Leuites shulde brynge the Arke at ye kinges comaundement (whan they sawe yt there was moch money therin) then came the kinges scrybe, & he yt was appoynted of the chefe prest, and emptyed the chest, and caried it againe in to his place. Thus dyd they euery daye, so that they gathered moch money together. 12 And ye kinge & Ioiada gaue it vnto ye workmasters of ye house of the LORDE, and they hired masons & carpenters to repayre the house of ye LORDE, and men that coulde worke in yron and brasse, to repayre the house of ye LORDE. 13 And the labourers wrought, so that ye repairinge in ye worke wente forwarde thorow their hande, and they set the house of God in his bewtye, and made it stronge. 14 And whan they had perfourmed this, they brought the resydue of the money before the kynge and Ioiada, wherof there were made vessels for the house of the LORDE, vessels for the ministracion and burntofferinge, spones and ornamentes of golde and siluer. And they offred burntofferynges allwaye in the house of the LORDE, as longe as Ioiada lyued. 15 And Ioiada waxed olde, and had lyued longe ynough, and dyed, & was an hundreth and thirtie yeare olde whan he dyed: 16 and they buried him in the cite of Dauid, amonge the kynges, because he had done good vnto Israel, and towarde God & his house. 17 And after the death of Ioiada, came the rulers in Iuda, and worshipped the kynge. Then consented the kynge vnto the. 18 And they forsoke the house of the LORDE God of their fathers, and serued ye groues and ymages. Then came ye wrath of the LORDE vpo Iuda and Ierusalem because of this trespace of theirs. 19 Yet sent he prophetes vnto the, yt they shulde turne vnto the LORDE, & they testified vnto the: but they wolde not heare. 20 And the sprete of God came vpon Zachary the sonne of Ioiada the prest, which stode ouer ye people, & sayde vnto the: Thus sayeth God: Wherfore do ye transgresse the comaundementes of the LORDE, which shall not be to yor prosperite: for ye haue forsaken ye LORDE, therfore shal he forsake you. 21 Neuertheles they conspyred agaynst him, & stoned him at ye kynges comaundement in ye courte of the house of the LORDE. 22 And Ioas ye kinge thought not on the mercy yt Ioiada his father had done for him, but slewe his sonne. Notwithstondinge wha he dyed, he sayde: The LORDE shal loke vpon it, and requyre it. 23 And whan the yeare was gone aboute, ye power of the Syrians wente vp, & came to Iuda & Ierusalem, and destroyed the rulers in the people, and sent all the spoiles of them vnto Damascon. 24 For the power of the Syrians came but with a fewe men, yet gaue ye LORDE a very greate power in to their hande: because they had forsaken ye LORDE God of their fathers. They executed iudgment also vpon Ioas. 25 And whan they departed fro him, they lefte him in greate sicknesses. Neuertheles his seruauntes conspyred against him (because of the bloude of the childre of Ioiada the prest) & slewe him vpo his bed, & he dyed, and they buryed him in the cite of Dauid, but not amonge the sepulcres of the kynges. 26 They that conspyred against him, were these: Sabad ye sonne of Simeath the Ammonitisse, and Iosabad the sonne of Simrith the Moabitisse. 27 As for his sonnes, and the summe that was gathered vnder him, and the buyldinge of the house of God beholde, they are wrytten in the storye in the boke of the kynges. And Amasias his sonne was kynge in his steade.