Job 33

CLV(i) 1 Howbeit now, I pray, O Job, hear my declarations, And do give ear to all my words. 2 Behold, now, I open my mouth; My tongue speaks in my palate. 3 My arguments reflect the uprightness of my heart, And my lips declare knowledge in purity. 4 The spirit of El, it has made me, And the breath of Him Who Suffices, it preserves me alive. 5 Reply to me if you can; Do arrange yourself and stand up before me; 6 Behold, I am corresponding to you before El; I myself also was nipped off from the clay. 7 Behold, no dread of me should frighten you, And my palm shall not lie heavy on you. 8 Yea, you have spoken in my ears, And I have heard the sound of these declarations. 9 I am pure, without transgression; I am unstained, and no depravity is in me;" 10 Behold, He finds reasons to repudiate me And reckons me as an enemy to Him;" 11 He places my feet in stocks; He observes all my paths. 12 Behold, I am answering you:In this you are not justified, For Eloah is greater than a mortal. 13 For what reason do you contend against Him That He does not answer all his words? 14 Indeed El does speak once, And twice, yet no one regards it, 15 In a dream, a vision of the night, When stupor falls upon men, In slumberings on their bed;" 16 Then He reveals matters to the ear of men, And He dismays them with admonitions, 17 To withdraw a human from his deed, And that He may obliterate pride in a master. 18 He keeps back his soul from the pit And his life from passing into the unseen. 19 Also he is corrected by pain on his bed, And by perennial contention in his bones, 20 So that bread is repugnant to him, to his life, And to his soul, the food of yearning. 21 His flesh is vanishing away from sight, And his bones are ridges that once could not be seen. 22 His soul draws near to the pit And his life to the place of the dead. 23 If there is a messenger on his behalf, An intermediary, one out of a thousand, To tell the human what is upright for him, 24 And he is gracious to him and says, Do ransom him from descending to the pit; I have found a propitiatory shelter, 25 Then his flesh will become hale with youth And shall be restored to the days of his adolescence. 26 He shall entreat to Eloah, and He shall accept him; He shall see His face with joyful shouting And shall recall to mortals his vindication. 27 He shall sing before mortals and say, I have sinned and depraved what is upright, Yet He did not compensate it fully to me. 28 He ransomed my soul from passing into the pit, And my life is seeing the light. 29 Behold, El is effecting all these things Twice and thrice with a master, 30 To restore his soul from the pit, To enlighten him with the light of the living. 31 Attend, Job; hearken to me; Be silent, and I myself shall speak. 32 If there are declarations reply to me; Speak, for I would delight to justify you. 33 If there is no word from you, hearken to me; Be silent, and I shall train you in wisdom.