Job 33

  1 H199 Wherefore H347 , Job H8085 , I pray thee, hear [H8798]   H4405 my speeches H238 , and hearken [H8685]   H1697 to all my words.
  2 H6605 Behold, now I have opened [H8804]   H6310 my mouth H3956 , my tongue H1696 hath spoken [H8765]   H2441 in my mouth.
  3 H561 My words H3476 shall be of the uprightness H3820 of my heart H8193 : and my lips H4448 shall utter [H8765]   H1847 knowledge H1305 clearly [H8803]  .
  4 H7307 The Spirit H410 of God H6213 hath made [H8804]   H5397 me, and the breath H7706 of the Almighty H2421 hath given me life [H8762]  .
  5 H3201 If thou canst [H8799]   H7725 answer [H8687]   H6186 me, set thy words in order [H8798]   H6440 before H3320 me, stand up [H8690]  .
  6 H6310 Behold, I am according to thy wish H410 in God's H7169 stead: I also am formed [H8795]   H2563 out of the clay.
  7 H367 Behold, my terror H1204 shall not make thee afraid [H8762]   H405 , neither shall my hand H3513 be heavy [H8799]   upon thee.
  8 H559 Surely thou hast spoken [H8804]   H241 in mine hearing H8085 , and I have heard [H8799]   H6963 the voice H4405 of thy words, saying,
  9 H2134 I am clean H6588 without transgression H2643 , I am innocent H5771 ; neither is there iniquity in me.
  10 H4672 Behold, he findeth [H8799]   H8569 occasions H2803 against me, he counteth [H8799]   H341 me for his enemy [H8802]  ,
  11 H7760 He putteth [H8799]   H7272 my feet H5465 in the stocks H8104 , he marketh [H8799]   H734 all my paths.
  12 H6663 Behold, in this thou art not just [H8804]   H6030 : I will answer [H8799]   H433 thee, that God H7235 is greater [H8799]   H582 than man.
  13 H7378 Why dost thou strive [H8804]   H6030 against him? for he giveth not account [H8799]   H1697 of any of his matters.
  14 H410 For God H1696 speaketh [H8762]   H259 once H8147 , yea twice H7789 , yet man perceiveth [H8799]   it not.
  15 H2472 In a dream H2384 , in a vision H3915 of the night H8639 , when deep H5307 sleep falleth [H8800]   H582 upon men H8572 , in slumberings H4904 upon the bed;
  16 H1540 Then he openeth [H8799]   H241 the ears H582 of men H2856 , and sealeth [H8799]   H4561 their instruction,
  17 H5493 That he may withdraw [H8687]   H120 man H4639 from his purpose H3680 , and hide [H8762]   H1466 pride H1397 from man.
  18 H2820 He keepeth back [H8799]   H5315 his soul H7845 from the pit H2416 , and his life H5674 from perishing [H8800]   H7973 by the sword.
  19 H3198 He is chastened [H8717]   H4341 also with pain H4904 upon his bed H7230 , and the multitude [H8675]   H7379   H6106 of his bones H386 with strong pain :
  20 H2416 So that his life H2092 abhorreth [H8765]   H3899 bread H5315 , and his soul H8378 dainty H3978 meat.
  21 H1320 His flesh H3615 is consumed away [H8799]   H7210 , that it cannot be seen H6106 ; and his bones H7200 that were not seen [H8795]   H8192 stick out [H8795]   [H8675]   H8205  .
  22 H5315 Yea, his soul H7126 draweth near [H8799]   H7845 unto the grave H2416 , and his life H4191 to the destroyers [H8688]  .
  23 H3426 If there H4397 be a messenger H3887 with him, an interpreter [H8688]   H259 , one H505 among a thousand H5046 , to shew [H8687]   H120 unto man H3476 his uprightness:
  24 H2603 Then he is gracious [H8799]   H559 unto him, and saith [H8799]   H6308 , Deliver [H8798]   H3381 him from going down [H8800]   H7845 to the pit H4672 : I have found [H8804]   H3724 a ransom.
  25 H1320 His flesh H7375 shall be fresher [H8738]   H5290 than a child's H7725 : he shall return [H8799]   H3117 to the days H5934 of his youth:
  26 H6279 He shall pray [H8799]   H433 unto God H7521 , and he will be favourable [H8799]   H7200 unto him: and he shall see [H8799]   H6440 his face H8643 with joy H7725 : for he will render [H8686]   H582 unto man H6666 his righteousness.
  27 H7789 He looketh [H8799]   H582 upon men H559 , and if any say [H8799]   H2398 , I have sinned [H8804]   H5753 , and perverted [H8689]   H3477 that which was right H7737 , and it profited [H8804]   me not;
  28 H6299 He will deliver [H8804]   H5315 his soul H5674 from going [H8800]   H7845 into the pit H2416 , and his life H7200 shall see [H8799]   H216 the light.
  29 H6466 Lo, all these things worketh [H8799]   H410 God H6471 oftentimes H7969   H1397 with man,
  30 H7725 To bring back [H8687]   H5315 his soul H7845 from the pit H215 , to be enlightened [H8736]   H216 with the light H2416 of the living.
  31 H7181 Mark well [H8685]   H347 , O Job H8085 , hearken [H8798]   H2790 unto me: hold thy peace [H8685]   H1696 , and I will speak [H8762]  .
  32 H3426 If thou hast H4405 any thing to say H7725 , answer [H8685]   H1696 me: speak [H8761]   H2654 , for I desire [H8804]   H6663 to justify [H8763]   thee.
  33 H8085 If not, hearken [H8798]   H2790 unto me: hold thy peace [H8685]   H502 , and I shall teach [H8762]   H2451 thee wisdom.