Job 33

Coverdale(i) 1 Wherfore, heare my wordes (O Iob) & herken vnto all, that I wyll saye: 2 Beholde, I wil open my mouth, & my tonge shal speake out of my chawes. 3 My hert shall ordre my wordes a right, & my lyppes shal talke of pure wy?dome. 4 The sprete of God hath made me, & the breth of the Allmightie hath geue me my life. 5 Yf thou cast, then geue me answere: prepare thy self to stode before me face to face. 6 Beholde, before God am I euen as thou, for I am fashioned and made eue of the same moulde. 7 Therfore, thou nedest not be afrayed of me, nether nedest thou to feare, that my auctorite shal be to heuy for the. 8 Now hast thou spoken in myne eares, & I haue herde ye voyce of thy wordes: 9 I am clene without eny fawte, I am innocent, & there is no wickednesse in me. 10 But lo, he hath pyked a quarell agaynst me, & taketh me for his enemy: 11 he hath put my fote in the stockes, & loketh narowly vnto all my pathes. 12 Beholde, vnto these vnreasonable wordes of thyne wil I make answere. Shulde God be reproued of man? 13 Why doest thou then stryue agaynst him, because he geueth the no accomptes of all his doinges? 14 For whe God doth once commaunde a thinge, there shulde no man be curious, to search whether it be right. 15 In dreames and visions of the night season (when slombrynge cometh vpo me, that they fall a slepe in their beddes) 16 he rowneth them in the eares, he infourmeth them, & sheweth the planely, 17 that it is he, which withdraweth man from euell, delyuereth him from pryde, 18 kepeth his soule from destruccion, & his life from ye swearde. 19 he chasteneth him with sicknesse, & bringeth him to his bed: he laieth sore punyshmet vpo his bones, 20 so that his life maye awaye wt no bred, & his soule abhorreth to eate eny dayntie meate: 21 In so moch, that his body is clene consumed awaye, & his bones appeare nomore. 22 His soule draweth on to destruccion, & his life to death. 23 Now yf there be an angel (one amonge a thousande) sent for to speake vnto ma, and to shewe him the right waye: 24 the the LORDE is mercifull vnto him, & sayeth: He shalbe delyuered, yt he fall not downe to destruccion, for I am sufficiently recociled. 25 Than his flesh (which hath bene in misery & trouble) shalbe, as it was in his youth. 26 For yf he submitte himself vnto God, he is gracious, & sheweth him his countenaunce ioyfully, & rewardeth man for his rightuousnes. 27 Soch a respecte hath he vnto me. Therfore let a man cofesse, (& saye:) I offended, but he hath chastened & refourmed me: I dyd vnrightuously, neuerthelesse he hath not recopensed me therafter. 28 Yee he hath delyuered my soule from destruccion, & my life, that it seyth ye light. 29 Lo, thus worketh God allwaie with ma, 30 that he kepeth his soule from perishinge, & latteth him enioye the light of ye lyuinge. 31 Marke well (O Iob) & heare me: holde the still, vntill I haue spoken. 32 But yf thou hast eny thinge to saye, then answere me and speake, for thy answere pleaseth me. 33 Yf thou hast nothinge, then heare me, and holde thy tonge, so shal I teach the wy?dome.