1 Kings 4:7-19

  7 H8010 And Solomon H8147 had twelve H6240 H5324 officers H5921 over H3605 all H3478 Israel, H3557 which provided victuals H4428 for the king H1004 and his household: H259 each H2320 man his month H8141 in a year H6213 made H3557 provision.
  8 H428 And these H8034 are their names: H1133 The son H2354 of Hur, H2022 in mount H669 Ephraim:
  9 H1128 The son H1857 of Dekar, H4739 in Makaz, H8169 and in Shaalbim, H1053 and Bethshemesh, H358 and Elonbethhanan:
  10 H1136 The son H2618 of Hesed, H700 in Aruboth; H7755 to him pertained Sochoh, H3605 and all H776 the land H2660 of Hepher:
  11 H1125 The son H41 of Abinadab, H3605 in all H5299 the region H1756 of Dor; H2955 which had Taphath H1323 the daughter H8010 of Solomon H802 to wife:
  12 H1195 Baana H1121 the son H286 of Ahilud; H8590 to him pertained Taanach H4023 and Megiddo, H3605 and all H1052 Bethshean, H6891 which is by Zartanah H8478 beneath H3157 Jezreel, H1052 from Bethshean H65 to Abelmeholah, H5676 even to the place that is beyond H3362 Jokneam:
  13 H1127 The son H1398 of Geber, H7433 in Ramothgilead; H2333 to him pertained the towns H2971 of Jair H1121 the son H4519 of Manasseh, H834 which H1568 are in Gilead; H2256 to him also pertained the region H709 of Argob, H834 which H1316 is in Bashan, H8346 three score H1419 great H5892 cities H2346 with walls H5178 and brazen H1280 bars:
  14 H292 Ahinadab H1121 the son H5714 of Iddo H4266 had Mahanaim:
  15 H290 Ahimaaz H5321 was in Naphtali; H1571 he also H3947 took H1315 Basmath H1323 the daughter H8010 of Solomon H802 to wife:
  16 H1195 Baanah H1121 the son H2365 of Hushai H836 was in Asher H1175 and in Aloth:
  17 H3092 Jehoshaphat H1121 the son H6515 of Paruah, H3485 in Issachar:
  18 H8096 Shimei H1121 the son H425 of Elah, H1144 in Benjamin:
  19 H1398 Geber H1121 the son H221 of Uri H776 was in the country H1568 of Gilead, H776 in the country H5511 of Sihon H4428 king H567 of the Amorites, H5747 and of Og H4428 king H1316 of Bashan; H259 and he was the only H5333 officer H834 which H776 was in the land.