1 Kings 4:7-19

NSB(i) 7 Solomon appointed twelve men as district governors in Israel. They provided food from their districts for the king and his household, each man being responsible for one month out of the year. 8 The following are the names of these twelve officers and the districts they were in charge of: Benhur: the mountains of Ephraim, 9 Bendeker: the cities of Makaz, Shaalbim, Beth Shemesh, Elon, and Beth Hanan, 10 Benhesed: the cities of Arubboth and Socoh and all the territory of Hepher, 11 Benabinadab, who was married to Solomon's daughter Taphath: the whole region of Dor. 12 Baana son of Ahilud: the cities of Taanach, Megiddo, and all the region near Beth Shan, near the town of Zarethan, south of the town of Jezreel, as far as the city of Abel Meholah and the city of Jokmeam. 13 Bengeber: the city of Ramoth in Gilead, and the villages in Gilead belonging to the clan of Jair, a descendant of Manasseh, and the region of Argob in Bashan, sixty large towns in all, fortified with walls and with bronze bars on the gates. 14 Ahinadab son of Iddo: the district of Mahanaim. 15 Ahimaaz, who was married to Basemath, another of Solomon's daughters: the territory of Naphtali. 16 Baana son of Hushai: the region of Asher and the town of Bealoth. 17 Jehoshaphat son of Paruah: the territory of Issachar. 18 Shimei son of Ela: the territory of Benjamin. 19 Geber son of Uri: the region of Gilead, which had been ruled by King Sihon of the Amorites and King Og of Bashan. Besides these twelve, there was one governor over all the land.