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Isaiah 50:2 (Webster_Strongs)
  2 H935 [H8804] Why, when I came H376 , was there no man H7121 [H8804] ? when I called H6030 [H8802] , was there none to answer H3027 ? Is my hand H7114 [H8804] shortened H7114 [H8800] at all H6304 , that it cannot redeem H3581 ? or have I no power H5337 [H8687] to deliver H1606 ? behold, at my rebuke H2717 [H8686] I dry up H3220 the sea H7760 [H8799] , I make H5104 the rivers H4057 a wilderness H1710 : their fish H887 [H8799] stinketh H4325 , because there is no water H4191 [H8799] , and dieth H6772 for thirst.