Isaiah 7:23-25

  23 H3117 And it shall come to pass in that day H4725 , that every place H505 shall be, where there were a thousand H1612 vines H505 worth a thousand H3701 pieces of silver H8068 , it shall even be for briers H7898 and thorns.
  24 H2671 With arrows H7198 and with bows H935 [H8799] shall men come H776 there; because all the land H8068 shall become briers H7898 and thorns.
  25 H2022 And on all hills H5737 [H8735] that shall be dug H4576 with the mattock H935 [H8799] , there shall not come there H3374 the fear H8068 of briers H7898 and thorns H4916 : but it shall be for the sending forth H7794 of oxen H4823 , and for the treading H7716 of lesser cattle.