Ecclesiastes 5

  1 H8104 Guard H7272 your steps H3212 when you go H430 to God's H1004 house; H7138 for to draw near H8085 to listen H5414 is better than to give H2077 the sacrifice H3684 of fools, H3045 for they don't know H6213 that they do H7451 evil.
  2 H926 Don't be rash H6310 with your mouth, H3820 and don't let your heart H4116 be hasty H3318 to utter H1697 anything H6440 before H430 God; H430 for God H8064 is in heaven, H776 and you on earth. H1697 Therefore let your words H4592 be few.
  3 H2472 For as a dream H935 comes H7230 with a multitude H6045 of cares, H3684 so a fool's H6963 speech H7230 with a multitude H1697 of words.
  4 H5087 When you vow H5088 a vow H430 to God, H309 don't defer H7999 to pay H2656 it; for he has no pleasure H3684 in fools. H7999 Pay H5087 that which you vow.
  5 H2896 It is better H5087 that you should not vow, H5087 than that you should vow H7999 and not pay.
  6 H5414 Don't allow H6310 your mouth H1320 to lead you H2398 into sin. H559 Don't protest H6440 before H4397 the messenger H7684 that this was a mistake. H430 Why should God H7107 be angry H6963 at your voice, H2254 and destroy H4639 the work H3027 of your hands?
  7 H7230 For in the multitude H2472 of dreams H1892 there are vanities, H7235 as well as in many H1697 words: H3372 but you must fear H430 God.
  8 H7200 If you see H6233 the oppression H7326 of the poor, H1499 and the violent H6664 taking away of justice H4941 and righteousness H4082 in a district, H8539 don't marvel H2656 at the matter: H1364 for one official H8104 is eyed H1364 by a higher H1364 one; and there are officials H5921 over them.
  9 H3504 Moreover the profit H776 of the earth H4428 is for all. The king H5647 profits H7704 from the field.
  10 H157 He who loves H3701 silver H7646 shall not be satisfied H3701 with silver; H157 nor he who loves H1995 abundance, H8393 with increase: H1892 this also is vanity.
  11 H2896 When goods H7235 increase, H398 those who eat H7231 them are increased; H3788 and what advantage H1167 is there to its owner, H518 except H7207 to feast H5869 on them with his eyes?
  12 H8142 The sleep H5647 of a laboring man H4966 is sweet, H398 whether he eats H4592 little H7235 or much; H7647 but the abundance H6223 of the rich H3240 will not allow H3462 him to sleep.
  13 H3426 There is H2470 a grievous H7451 evil H7200 which I have seen H8121 under the sun: H6239 wealth H8104 kept H1167 by its owner H7451 to his harm.
  14 H6239 Those riches H6 perish H6045 by H7451 misfortune, H3205 and if he has fathered H1121 a son, H3972 there is nothing H3027 in his hand.
  15 H3318 As he came forth H517 from his mother's H990 womb, H6174 naked H3212 shall he go H7725 again H935 as he came, H5375 and shall take H3972 nothing H5999 for his labor, H3212 which he may carry away H3027 in his hand.
  16 H2090 This H2470 also is a grievous H7451 evil, H5980 that in all points H935 as he came, H3212 so shall he go. H3504 And what profit H5998 does he have who labors H7307 for the wind?
  17 H3117 All his days H398 he also eats H2822 in darkness, H7235 he is H3707 frustrated, H2483 and has sickness H7110 and wrath.
  18 H7200 Behold, that which I have seen H2896 to be good H3303 and proper H398 is for one to eat H8354 and to drink, H7200 and to enjoy H2896 good H5999 in all his labor, H5998 in which he labors H8121 under the sun, H4557 all H3117 the days H2416 of his life H430 which God H5414 has given H2506 him; for this is his portion.
  19 H120 Every man H430 also to whom God H5414 has given H6239 riches H5233 and wealth, H7980 and has given him power H398 to eat H5375 of it, and to take H2506 his portion, H8055 and to rejoice H5999 in his labor — H2090 this H4991 is the gift H430 of God.
  20 H7235 For he shall not often H2142 reflect H3117 on the days H2416 of his life; H430 because God H6031 occupies H8057 him with the joy H3820 of his heart.