Leviticus 22:18-21

Coverdale(i) 18 Speake vnto Aaron & his sonnes, & to all ye childre of Israel: What so euer Israelite or straunger in Israel wyll do his offerynge, whether it be their vowe, or of fre wyl, that they wyll offre a burntofferynge vnto the LORDE, 19 to reconcyle them selues, it shal be a male, and without blemysh, of the oxen, or lambes or goates. 20 What so euer hath eny blemish, shal they not offre, for they shal fynde no fauoure therwith. 21 And who so wyl offre an health offeringe vnto the LORDE to separate out a vowe, or of fre wyl, oxen or shepe, it shalbe without blemysh, yt it maye be accepted. It shal haue no deformite.