Leviticus 23

Coverdale(i) 1 And the LORDE talked with Moses, & sayde: 2 Speake vnto ye children of Israel, and saye vnto them: These are ye feastes of the LORDE, which ye shal call holy dayes. 3 Sixe dayes shalt thou worke, but the seuenth daie is the rest of the Sabbath, and shalbe called holy. Ye shal do no worke therin, for it is the Sabbath of the LORDE, where so euer ye dwell. 4 These are the feastes of the LORDE, yt are called holy, which ye shal call youre feastes: 5 Upon ye fourtene daye of ye first moneth at euen, is the LORDES Easter. 6 And vpon ye fiftene daye of the same moneth is the feast of vnleueded bred of the LORDE. Then shall ye eate vnleuended bred seuen dayes. 7 The first daie shalbe called holy amonge you, ye shal do no worke of bodage therin, 8 seue daies shal ye offre vnto ye LORDE. The seueth daie shalbe called holy likewise, wherin ye shal do no worke of bondage also. 9 And ye LORDE talked wt Moses, & sayde: 10 Speake to the childre of Israel, & saye vnto them: Whan ye come into the lande yt I shall geue you, and reape downe youre haruest, ye shal brynge a shefe of the first frutes of youre haruest vnto the prest, 11 the shall the shefe be waued before the LORDE, that ye maye be accepted: but this shal the prest do the nexte daye after the Sabbath. 12 And ye same daie that yor shefe is waued, shal ye offre a burntofferinge vnto the LORDE, of a lambe which is without blemysh and of one yeare olde, 13 wt the meatofferynge, two tenth deales of fyne floure mengled with oyle, for an offerynge of a swete sauoure vnto the LORDE: & the drynk offerynge also, eue the fourth parte of an Hin of wyne. 14 And ye shall eate nether bred, nor cakes, ner furmentye (of new corne) tyll the same daye that ye brynge an offerynge vnto youre God. This shalbe a lawe vnto youre posterities, where so euer ye dwell. 15 Then shal ye nombre (from the nexte daye after the Sabbath, whan ye brought ye Waueshefe) seuen whole wekes, 16 vntyll the nexte daie after ye seueth weke, namely, fiftie daies, shal ye nombre, and offre new meatofferynges vnto the LORDE. 17 And out of all youre dwellinges shal ye offre, namely, two Waue loaues of two tenth deales of fyne floure leueded, and baken for the first frutes vnto ye LORDE. 18 And with youre bred ye shal brynge seuen lambes of one yeare olde without blemysh, and a yonge bullocke, and two rammes: this shalbe the LORDES burntofferynge, meatofferynge, and drynkoffrynge. This is a sacrifice of a swete sauoure vnto the LORDE. 19 Morouer ye shal offre an he goate for a synofferynge, and two lambes of a yeare olde for an healthofferynge. 20 And ye prest shal waue it vpon the bred of the first frutes before the LORDE with the two lambes: And they shalbe holy vnto the LORDE, and shalbe the prestes. 21 And this daye shal ye proclame, for it shalbe called holy amonge you: no seruyle worke shal ye do therin. A perpetuall lawe shall it be amonge yor posterities, where so euer ye dwell. 22 Whan ye reape downe ye haruest of youre londe, ye shal not cut it cleane downe vpo the felde, ner gather vp all, but shal leaue it for the poore and straungers. I am the LORDE youre God. 23 And ye LORDE talked with Moses, and sayde: 24 Speake vnto the children of Israel, & saye: Vpon the first daye of the seuenth moneth shal ye haue the holy rest of the remembraunce of blowinge, 25 wherin ye shal do no seruyle worke, and ye shal offre sacrifice vnto the LORDE. 26 And the LORDE spake vnto Moses, and sayde: 27 Vpon the tenth daye in this seuenth moneth is the daye of reconcylinge, which shalbe an holy conuocacion wt you. Ye shal humble youre soules therin, and offre vnto the LORDE, 28 and shal do no seruyle worke in this daye: for it is the daye of attonement, that ye maye be reconcyled before the LORDE youre God. 29 For what soule so euer humbleth not him self vpon this daye, the same shalbe roted out from amonge his people. 30 And what soule so euer doth eny worke this daye, the same wil I destroye from amonge his people: 31 therfore shall ye do no worke. This shalbe a perpetuall lawe vnto youre posterities, where so euer ye dwell. 32 It is the rest of youre Sabbath, that ye maye humble youre soules. Vpon the nyenth daye of ye moneth at euen, shal ye kepe this holy daye from the euen forth vntyll the eue agayne. 33 And the LORDE talked with Moses, & sayde: 34 Vpon the fiftene daye of the seuenth moneth, is the feast of Tabernacles seuen dayes vnto the LORDE. 35 The first daye shalbe an holy couocacion: no seruyle worke shal ye do therin. 36 Seuen dayes shal ye offre vnto the LORDE. The eight daye shalbe an holy conuocacion vnto you also, and ye shal offre vnto the LORDE: for it is the daye of gatheringe together: No seruyle worke shall ye do therin. 37 These are the holy daies of the LORDE, which ye shall proclame and holde for holy conuocacions, that ye maye offre vnto the LORDE burntofferynges, meatofferynges, drynkofferynges and other offerynges, euery one acordinge to his daye, 38 besyde ye Sabbathes of ye LORDE, and youre giftes, and vowes, and frewylofferynges, that ye offre vnto the LORDE. 39 So vpon the fiftene daye of the seuenth moneth, whan ye haue brought in the increase of the londe, ye shall kepe the LORDES feast seuen dayes longe. The first daye shalbe kepte holy daye, and the eight daye shalbe kepte holy daye also. 40 And vpon the first daie ye shal take of ye goodly frutefull trees, braunches of palme trees, & bowes of thicke trees, and Wyllies of the broke, and seue dayes shal ye be mery before ye LORDE youre God: 41 and thus shal ye kepe the feast vnto the LORDE seuen dayes in the yeare. This shalbe a perpetuall lawe amonge youre posterities, that they kepe holy daye thus in ye seuenth moneth. 42 Seuen dayes shal ye dwell in bothes. Who so euer is an Israelite borne, shal dwell in bothes, 43 that they which come after you, maye knowe, how that I made ye children of Israel to dwell in bothes, whan I brought them out of the lode of Egipte. I am the LORDE youre God. 44 And Moses tolde the children of Israel these holy daies of the LORDE.