Leviticus 22:18-21

ECB(i) 18 Word unto Aharon and to his sons and unto all the sons of Yisra El and say unto them, Man - whatever man of the house of Yisra El or of the sons of sojourners in Yisra El who oblates his qorban for all his vows and for all his voluntaries, which they oblate to Yah Veh for a holocaust; 19 - at your pleasure an integrious male of the oxen - of the lambs or of the goats: 20 and whatever has a blemish, oblate not: for it is not pleasing for you. 21 And the man who oblates a sacrifice of shelamim to Yah Veh - a marvelous vow or a voluntary in oxen or flocks, it is integrious and pleasing - no blemish therein.