Leviticus 22:18-21

  18 H1696 Speak H175 to Aaron, H1121 and to his sons, H3605 and to all H1121 the children H3478 of Israel, H559 and say H376 to them, Whatever H834 H1004 he be of the house H3478 of Israel, H1616 or of the strangers H3478 in Israel, H7126 that will offer H7133 his oblation H3605 for all H5088 his vows, H3605 and for all H5071 his freewill H834 offerings, which H7126 they will offer H3068 to the LORD H5930 for a burnt offering;
  19 H7522 You shall offer at your own will H2145 a male H8549 without H8549 blemish, H1241 of the beeves, H3775 of the sheep, H5795 or of the goats.
  20 H3605 But whatever H3971 has a blemish, H7126 that shall you not offer: H7522 for it shall not be acceptable for you.
  21 H376 And whoever H834 H7126 offers H2077 a sacrifice H8002 of peace H3068 offerings to the LORD H6381 to accomplish H5088 his vow, H176 or H5071 a freewill H1241 offering in beeves H6629 or sheep, H8549 it shall be perfect H7522 to be accepted; H3808 there shall be no H3971 blemish therein.