Leviticus 22:18-21

Bishops(i) 18 Speake vnto Aaron and his sonnes, and vnto all the children of Israel, and say vnto them: Whatsoeuer he be of the house of Israel, or straunger in Israel, that wyll offer his sacrifice for all his vowes, and for all his freewyll offeringes whiche they wyll offer vnto the Lorde for a burnt offering 19 Ye shall offer at your pleasure, a male without blemishe, of the beefes, of the sheepe, or of the goates 20 But whatsoeuer hath a blemishe, that shall ye not offer: for it shal not be acceptable for you 21 And whosoeuer bryngeth a peace offering vnto the Lorde, to accomplyshe his vowe, or a freewyll offering in beefes or sheepe, it shalbe perfite to be accepted, there shalbe also no blemishe therein