Leviticus 22:18-21

Great(i) 18 speake vnto Aaron and hys sonnes and vnto all the chyldren of Israel, and saye vnto them: whatsoeuer he be of the house of Israel or straunger in Israel, that will offer hys sacrifyce for all his vowes, and for all hys frewyllofferinges which they will offer vnto the Lord for a burntofferynge, 19 ye shall offre (to reconcyle youre selues) a male without blemyshe of the oxen, of the shepe, or of the goates. 20 But whatsoeuer hath a blemyshe, that shall ye not offre, for ye shall gett no fauoure therwith. 21 And whosoeuer bringeth a peace offringe vnto the Lorde (accordynge as he is apoynted) or a vowe, or a frewyll offeringe, in oxe or shepe, that is without deformyte, he shall be accepted.