Daniel 5:21-23

  21 H2957 And he was driven H1123 from the sons H606 of men; H3825 and his heart H7737 was made H5974 like H2423 the beasts, H4070 and his dwelling H6167 was with the wild H6167 asses: H2939 they fed H6211 him with grass H8450 like oxen, H1655 and his body H6647 was wet H2920 with the dew H8065 of heaven; H5704 till H3046 he knew H5943 that the most H5943 high H426 God H7990 ruled H4437 in the kingdom H606 of men, H6966 and that he appoints H5922 over H4479 it whomsoever H1768 H6634 he will.
  22 H1247 And you his son, H1113 O Belshazzar, H8214 have not humbled H3825 your heart, H3606 though H3046 you knew H3606 all H1836 this;
  23 H7313 But have lifted H5922 up yourself against H4756 the Lord H8065 of heaven; H858 and they have brought H3984 the vessels H1005 of his house H6925 before H7261 you, and you, and your lords, H7695 your wives, H3904 and your concubines, H8355 have drunk H2562 wine H7624 in them; and you have praised H426 the gods H3702 of silver, H1722 and gold, H5174 of brass, H6523 iron, H636 wood, H69 and stone, H1768 which H2370 see H3809 not, nor H8086 hear, H3809 nor H3046 know: H426 and the God H1768 in whose H3028 hand H5396 your breath H3606 is, and whose are all H735 your ways, H1922 have you not glorified: