Daniel 5:21-23

ECB(i) 21 - expelled from the sons of men; and his heart was equated to live beings, and his whirling was with the onagers: they fed him with herbage as bulls, and his body was dyed with the dew of the heavens; until he knew that Elyon Elah is dominator in the sovereigndom of men, and that he raises over it whomever he wills. 22 And you his bar, O Bel Shats Tsar, have not abased your heart even though you know all this; 23 and you lift yourself against the Master of the heavens; and they bring the vessels of his house in front of you; and you and your nobles, your mistresses and your concubines drink fermentation in them; and you laud the elahim of silver and gold, of copper, iron, timber and stone, which neither see nor hear nor know: and Elah in whose hand your breath is, and whose all your ways are, you esteem not.