Daniel 5:21-23

CLV(i) 21 From the sons of mortals was he shoved, his heart was made equal to an animal's and with the wild donkeys was his abode. Herbage are they feeding to him, as oxen, and by the night mist of the heavens was his frame streaked, till he knew that the Supreme Eloah is in authority in the kingdom of mortals, and whom He is willing is He setting up over it." 22 Yet you, his grandson Belshazzar, you abase not your heart in Eloah's sight, forasmuch as all this you know." 23 Over the Lord, the Eloah of the heavens, you exalt yourself; the vessels of His house they bring hither before you; you and your grandees, your consorts and your concubines are drinking turbid wine from them. Also elohim of silver, gold, copper, iron, wood, and stone who are not perceiving and not hearing and not knowing, these you laud, yet the Eloah in Whose hand is your breath, and for Whom are all your paths, Him you do not honor."