Daniel 5:21-23

Matthew(i) 21 He was shote oute from amonge men, his herte was lyke a beastes herte, and hys dwellynge was wyth the wylde asses: he was fayne to eate grasse lyke an oxe, and hys body was wet with the dewe of the heauen: tyll he knewe, that the hyest had power vpon the kingdomes of men, and setteth ouer them, whome he lyst. 22 And thou hys sonne (O Balthazar) for al this, hast not submytted thyne herte, thoughe thou knewest all these thynges, 23 but hast magnyfyed thy selfe aboue the Lorde of heauen, so that the vessels of hys house were broughte before the, that thou, and thy Lordes, with thy quene and concubynes, myght drincke wyne thereoute: And hast praysed the Idoles of syluer and golde, copper and yron, of wode and stone: As for the God in whose hande consysteth thy breth and all thy wayes: thou haste not loaued hym.