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Romans 1:26 (IGNT)
  26 G1223 δια For G5124 τουτο This Reason G3860 (G5656) παρεδωκεν Gave Up G846 αυτους   G3588 ο Them G2316 θεος God G1519 εις To G3806 παθη Passions G819 ατιμιας   G3588 αι Of Dishonour, G5037 τε Both G1063 γαρ For G2338 θηλειαι Females G846 αυτων Their G3337 (G5656) μετηλλαξαν Changed G3588 την The G5446 φυσικην Natural G5540 χρησιν Use G1519 εις Into G3588 την That G3844 παρα Contrary To G5449 φυσιν Nature;
Romans 11:24 (IGNT)
  24 G1487 ει If G1063 γαρ For G4771 συ Thou G1537 εκ Art G3588 της Of The G2596 κατα According To G5449 φυσιν Nature G1581 (G5648) εξεκοπης Wast Cut Off G65 αγριελαιου Wild Olive Tree, G2532 και And, G3844 παρα Contrary To G5449 φυσιν Nature, G1461 (G5681) ενεκεντρισθης Wast Grafted In G1519 εις To G2565 καλλιελαιον A Good Olive Tree, G4214 ποσω How Much G3123 μαλλον More G3778 ουτοι These G3588 οι Who G2596 κατα According To G5449 φυσιν Nature "are", G1461 (G5701) εγκεντρισθησονται Shall Be Grafted Into G3588 τη Their G2398 ιδια Own G1636 ελαια Olive Tree?
Ephesians 2:3 (IGNT)
  3 G1722 εν Among G3739 οις Whom G2532 και Also G2249 ημεις We G3956 παντες All G390 (G5648) ανεστραφημεν Had Our Conduct G4218 ποτε Once G1722 εν In G3588 ταις The G1939 επιθυμιαις   G3588 της Desires G4561 σαρκος Of Flesh G2257 ημων Our, G4160 (G5723) ποιουντες Doing G3588 τα The G2307 θεληματα Things Willed G3588 της Of The G4561 σαρκος Flesh G2532 και And G3588 των Of The G1271 διανοιων Thoughts, G2532 και And G2258 (G5713) ημεν Were G5043 τεκνα Children, G5449 φυσει By Nature, G3709 οργης Of Wrath, G5613 ως As G2532 και Even G3588 οι The G3062 λοιποι Rest :
2 Peter 1:4 (IGNT)
  4 G1223 δι Through G3739 ων Which G3588 τα The G3176 μεγιστα Greatest G2254 ημιν To Us G2532 και And G5093 τιμια Precious G1862 επαγγελματα Promises G1433 (G5769) δεδωρηται He Has Given, G2443 ινα That G1223 δια Through G5130 τουτων These G1096 (G5638) γενησθε Ye May Become G2304 θειας Of "the" Divine G2844 κοινωνοι Partakers G5449 φυσεως Nature, G668 (G5631) αποφυγοντες Having Escaped G3588 της The G1722 εν In G2889 κοσμω "the" World G1722 εν Through G1939 επιθυμια Lust G5356 φθορας Corruption.