1 Kings 14:9-16

  9 H6213 [H8800] But hast done H7489 [H8686] evil H6440 above all that were before H3212 [H8799] thee: for thou hast gone H6213 [H8799] and made H312 thee other H430 gods, H4541 and molten images, H3707 [H8687] to provoke me to anger, H7993 [H8689] and hast cast H310 me behind H1458 thy back:
  10 H935 [H8688] Therefore, behold, I will bring H7451 evil H1004 upon the house H3379 of Jeroboam, H3772 [H8689] and will cut off H3379 from Jeroboam H8366 H7023 [H8688] the males, H6113 [H8803] and him that is shut up H5800 [H8803] and left H3478 in Israel, H1197 [H8765] and will take away H310 the remnant H1004 of the house H3379 of Jeroboam, H1197 [H8762] as a man taketh away H1557 dung, H8552 [H8800] till it is all gone.
  11 H4191 [H8801] Him that dieth H3379 of Jeroboam H5892 in the city H3611 shall the dogs H398 [H8799] eat; H4191 [H8801] and him that dieth H7704 in the field H5775 shall the fowls H8064 of the air H398 [H8799] eat: H3068 for the LORD H1696 [H8765] hath spoken it.
  12 H6965 [H8798] Arise H3212 [H8798] thou therefore, depart H1004 to thy own house: H7272 and when thy feet H935 [H8800] enter H5892 into the city, H3206 the child H4191 [H8804] shall die.
  13 H3478 And all Israel H5594 [H8804] shall mourn H6912 [H8804] for him, and bury H3379 him: for he only of Jeroboam H935 [H8799] shall come H6913 to the burying-place, H4672 [H8738] because in him there is found H2896 some good H1697 thing H3068 toward the LORD H430 God H3478 of Israel H1004 in the house H3379 of Jeroboam.
  14 H3068 Moreover the LORD H6965 [H8689] shall raise him up H4428 a king H3478 over Israel, H3772 [H8686] who shall cut off H1004 the house H3379 of Jeroboam H3117 that day: but what? even now.
  15 H3068 For the LORD H5221 [H8689] shall smite H3478 Israel, H7070 as a reed H5110 [H8799] is shaken H4325 in the water, H5428 [H8804] and he shall root up H3478 Israel H2896 out of this good H127 soil, H5414 [H8804] which he gave H1 to their fathers, H2219 [H8765] and shall scatter H5676 them beyond H5104 the river, H6213 [H8804] because they have made H842 their idols, H3068 provoking the LORD H3707 [H8688] to anger.
  16 H5414 [H8799] And he shall give up H3478 Israel H1558 because H2403 of the sins H3379 of Jeroboam, H2398 [H8804] who sinned, H3478 and who made Israel H2398 [H8689] to sin.