1 Kings 14:9-16

ECB(i) 9 and vilified to work above all who are at your face: and went and worked other elohim and molten to vex me; and cast me behind your back: 10 therefore, behold, I bring evil on the house of Yarob Am, and cut off from Yarob Am him who urinates against the wall, him who restrains and is left in Yisra El; and burn away the posterity of the house of Yarob Am as a man burns away dung balls until they are consumed: 11 he of Yarob Am who dies in the city the dogs devour; and he who dies in the field the flyers of the heavens devour: for Yah Veh has worded. 12 And you, rise; go to your own house: when your feet enter the city, the child dies: 13 and all Yisra El chops over him and entombs him: for of Yarob Am, only, he comes to the tomb; because in him there is found a good word toward Yah Veh Elohim of Yisra El in the house of Yarob Am. 14 And Yah Veh raises a sovereign over Yisra El, to cut off the house of Yarob Am that day. And what? Even now! 15 For Yah Veh smites Yisra El as a stalk wags in the water; and uproots Yisra El from this good soil he gave to their fathers; and scatters them beyond the river because they work their asherim - vexing Yah Veh: 16 and he gives up Yisra El because of the sins Yarob Am sins - who had Yisra El sin.