Psalms 83:1 Cross References - new

  1 H1824 Keep not thou silence, H430 O God: H2790 [H8799] hold not thy peace, H8252 [H8799] and be not still, H410 O God.

Psalms 28:1

  1 H7121 [H8799] To thee will I call, H3068 O LORD H6697 my rock; H2814 [H8799] be not silent H2790 [H8799] to me: lest, if thou shouldest be silent H4911 [H8738] to me, I should become H3381 [H8802] like them that go down H953 into the hole.

Psalms 35:22

  22 H7200 [H8804] This thou hast seen, H3068 O LORD: H2790 [H8799] keep not silence: H136 O Sovereign, H7368 [H8799] be not far from me.

Psalms 44:23

  23 H5782 [H8798] Awake, H3462 [H8799] why sleepest H136 thou, O Sovereign? H6974 [H8685] arise, H2186 [H8799] cast us not off H5331 for ever.

Psalms 50:3

  3 H430 Our God H935 [H8799] shall come, H2790 [H8799] and shall not keep silence: H784 a fire H398 [H8799] shall devour H6440 at the face of H3966 him, and it shall be very H8175 [H8738] tempestuous H5439 around him.

Psalms 109:1-2

  1 H2790 [H8799] Hold not thy peace, H430 O God H8416 of my praise;
  2 H6310 For the mouth H7563 of the wicked H6310 and the mouth H4820 of the deceitful H6605 [H8804] are opened H1696 [H8765] against me: they have spoken H8267 against me with a lying H3956 tongue.

Isaiah 42:14

  14 H5769 I have long time H2814 [H8689] held my peace; H2790 [H8686] I have been still, H662 [H8691] and restrained H6463 [H8799] myself: now will I scream H3205 [H8802] like a travailing woman; H5395 [H8799] I will pant, H8074 [H8799] moan, H7602 [H8799] and gasp H3162 at once.

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