Leviticus 25:39-46

Wycliffe(i) 39 If thi brother compellid bi pouert sillith hym silf to thee, thou schalt not oppresse hym bi seruage of seruauntis, 40 but he schal be as an hirid man and tenaunt; `til to the yeer of iubilee he schal worche at thee, 41 and aftirward he schal go out with his fre children, and he schal turne ayen to the kynrede, and to `the possessioun of his fadris. 42 For thei ben my seruauntis, and Y ledde hem out of the lond of Egipt; thei schulen not be seeld bi the condicioun of seruauntis; 43 turmente thou not hem bi thi power, but drede thou thi Lord. 44 A seruaunt and handmaide be to you of naciouns that ben in youre cumpas, 45 and of comelyngis that ben pilgrimys at you, ether thei that ben borun of hem in youre lond; ye schulen haue these seruauntis, 46 and bi riyt of eritage ye schulen `sende ouer to aftir comeris, and ye schulen welde with outen ende; sothely oppresse ye not bi power youre britheren, the sones of Israel.