Leviticus 25:39-46

Matthew(i) 39 If thy brother that dwelleth by the waxe poore and sell hym selfe vnto the, thou shalt not let him labour as a bond seruante doeth: 40 but as an hyred seruaunte and as a soiourner he shal be with the, and shal serue the vnto the yere of iubelye, 41 & then shall he departe from the: both he and his chyldren wyth him, and shall returne vnto hys owne kynred againe, & vnto the possessions of his fathers: 42 for they are my seruauntes which I brought out of the Land of Egypt, and shall not be solde as bondemen. 43 Se therefore that thou raygne not ouer hym cruelly, but feare thy God. 44 If thou wylte haue bondeseruauntes & maydens, thou shalt bye them of the Heathen that are round about you, 45 & of the chyldren of the straungers that ar soiourners among you, & of their generation that are with you whyche they begate in your Lande. 46 And ye shall possesse them & gyue them vnto youre chyldren after you, to possesse them foreuer: and they shal be your bondmen. But ouer your brethren the children of Israel, ye shal not raygne one ouer another cruelly.