Leviticus 25:39-46

Thomson(i) 39 And if thy brother who dwelleth by thee be humbled, and sold to thee, he shall not serve thee as a slave. 40 He shall be with thee as a hireling, or a sojourner. Until the year of the release he shall work for thee, 41 and in the year of the release he shall go out, and his children with him, and shall go to his own family; to his paternal possession he shall haste away. 42 Because they are my servants, whom I brought out of the land of Egypt; he must not be sold as a slave. 43 Thou shall not over burthen him with toil, but fear the Lord thy God. 44 The male and female slaves, whom thou mayst have, must be of the nations around thee. Of them you may purchase a male or a female slave; 45 or of the children of strangers who sojourn among you; of them you may purchase and of their relations who may be born in your land. 46 Let them be your property, and divide them among your children after you, and they shall be your slaves for life: but of your brethren, the children of Israel, one shall not rule over another with rigour.