Leviticus 25:39-46

Tyndale(i) 39 Yf thi brother that dwelleth by the waxe poore and sell him selfe vnto the thou shalt not let him laboure as a bondseruaunte doeth: 40 but as an hyred seruaunte and as a soiourner he shalbe with the and shall serue the vnto the trompetyere 41 and then shall he departe fro the: both he and his childern with him and shall returne vnto his awne kynred agayne and vnto the possessions of his fathers. 42 for they are my seruauntes which I brought out of the lande of Egipte and shall not be solde as bondmen. 43 Se therfore that thou reigne not ouer him cruelly but feare thi God. 44 Yf thou wilt haue bondseruauntes and maydens thou shalt bye them of the heythen that are rounde aboute you 45 and of the childern of the straungers that are soiorners amonge you ad of their generacios that are with you, which they begate in youre lade. 46 And ye shall possesse them and geue them vnto youre childern after you, to possesse them for euer: and they shalbe youre bond men: But ouer youre brethern the childern of Israel ye shall not reigne one ouer another cruelly.