Psalms 108

  1 H430 O God H3820 , my heart H3559 [H8737] is fixed H7891 [H8799] ; I will sing H2167 [H8762] and give praise H3519 , even with my glory.
  2 H5782 [H8798] Awake H5035 , psaltery H3658 and harp H5782 [H8686] : I myself will awake H7837 early.
  3 H3034 [H8686] I will praise H3068 thee, O LORD H5971 , among the people H2167 [H8762] : and I will sing praises H3816 to thee among the nations.
  4 H2617 For thy mercy H1419 is great H8064 above the heavens H571 : and thy truth H7834 reacheth to the clouds.
  5 H7311 [H8798] Be thou exalted H430 , O God H8064 , above the heavens H3519 : and thy glory H776 above all the earth;
  6 H3039 That thy beloved H2502 [H8735] may be delivered H3467 [H8685] : save H3225 with thy right hand H6030 [H8798] , and answer me.
  7 H430 God H1696 [H8765] hath spoken H6944 in his holiness H5937 [H8799] ; I will rejoice H2505 [H8762] , I will divide H7927 Shechem H4058 [H8762] , and measure out H6010 the valley H5523 of Succoth.
  8 H1568 Gilead H4519 is mine; Manasseh H669 is mine; Ephraim H4581 also is the strength H7218 of my head H3063 ; Judah H2710 [H8781] is my lawgiver;
  9 H4124 Moab H7366 H5518 is my washpot H123 ; over Edom H7993 [H8686] will I cast out H5275 my shoe H6429 ; over Philistia H7321 [H8709] will I triumph.
  10 H2986 [H8686] Who will bring H4013 me into the strong H5892 city H5148 [H8804] ? who will lead H123 me into Edom?
  11 H430 Wilt not thou, O God H2186 [H8804] , who hast cast us off H430 ? and wilt not thou, O God H3318 [H8799] , go forth H6635 with our armies?
  12 H3051 [H8798] Give H5833 us help H6862 from trouble H7723 : for vain H8668 is the help H120 of man.
  13 H430 Through God H6213 [H8799] we shall do H2428 valiantly H947 [H8799] : for he will tread down H6862 our enemies.