Psalms 108

  1 H3820 My heart H3559 is steadfast, H430 God. H7891 I will sing H2167 and I will make music H3519 with my soul.
  2 H5782 Wake H5035 up, harp H3658 and lyre! H5782 I will wake H7837 up the dawn.
  3 H3034 I will give thanks H3068 to you, Yahweh, H5971 among the nations. H2167 I will sing praises H3816 to you among the peoples.
  4 H2617 For your loving kindness H1419 is great H8064 above the heavens. H571 Your faithfulness H7834 reaches to the skies.
  5 H7311 Be exalted, H430 God, H8064 above the heavens! H3519 Let your glory H776 be over all the earth.
  6 H3039 That your beloved H2502 may be delivered, H3467 save H3225 with your right hand, H6030 and answer us.
  7 H430 God H1696 has spoken H6944 from his sanctuary: H5937 "In triumph, H2505 I will divide H7927 Shechem, H4058 and measure out H6010 the valley H5523 of Succoth.
  8 H1568 Gilead H4519 is mine. Manasseh H669 is mine. Ephraim H4581 also is my helmet. H7218   H3063 Judah H2710 is my scepter.
  9 H4124 Moab H7366 is my wash H7993 pot. I will toss H5275 my sandal H123 on Edom. H7321 I will shout H6429 over Philistia."
  10 H2986 Who will bring H4013 me into the fortified H5892 city? H5148 Who has led H123 me to Edom?
  11 H2186 Haven't you rejected H430 us, God? H3318 You don't go forth, H430 God, H6635 with our armies.
  12 H3051 Give H5833 us help H6862 against the enemy, H8668 for the help H120 of man H7723 is vain.
  13 H430 Through God, H6213 we will do H2428 valiantly. H947 For it is he who will tread down H6862 our enemies.