Psalms 108

Bishops(i) 1 My heart is redye O Lorde: I wyll sing & prayse thee in singing of psalmes, yea my glory also is [redie. 2 Bestirre thee O lute and harpe: I my selfe wil bestirre me right early in the morning 3 I wyll prayse thee O God among the people: I wyll sing psalmes vnto thee among the nations 4 For the greatnes of thy mercy reacheth vnto the heauens: and thy trueth vnto the cloudes 5 Exalt thy selfe O Lord aboue the heauens: and let thy glory [be] aboue all the earth 6 That thy beloued may be deliuered: saue [me] with thy right hande, and heare thou me 7 The Lorde hath spoken this in his holynes (whereof I wyll reioyce:) I wyll deuide Sichem, and measure the valley of Sucoth 8 Gilead shalbe myne, and Manasses shalbe mine: Ephraim also shalbe the strength of my head, and Iuda my law geuer 9 Moab shalbe my washpot: ouer Edome I wyll cast my shoe, vpon Philistea I wyll triumph 10 Who wyll leade me into the strong citie? who wyll bring me into Edom 11 Hast not thou remoued vs from thence? and wylt not thou O Lorde go out with our hoastes 12 Geue vs ayde against trouble: for the sauing helpe of man is but vayne 13 Through the Lorde wyll we do valiaunt actes: for he him selfe will treade downe our enemies