Job 36

Thomson(i) 1 Then Elius proceeded further and said, 2 Bear with me a little longer that I may teach thee: for I have still something further to say; 3 taking my knowledge from abroad and from my own works, 4 I will speak righteous things with truth, without considering in an unjust manner things which are unjust. 5 Know then that the Lord, who is mighty in power and wisdom; 6 will not reject the innocent, nor save the wicked: and that he will administer justice to the oppressed. 7 He will not withdraw his eyes from the righteous, but will seat them at last with kings on a throne and they shall be exalted. 8 When they shall be bound with fetters or held with cords of affliction, 9 he will shew them their works and their transgressions, that they bear; 10 But he will hearken to what is just, and hath ordered them to turn from iniquity. 11 If they hearken and serve; they shall end their days in prosperity and their years in the enjoyment of things convenient. 12 But the impious he saveth not: because they would not know the Lord, and because, when they were admonished, they were disobedient, 13 the hypocrites in heart shall incur wrath: they will not cry because he bound them: 14 Let their soul therefore perish in youth and their life be wounded by angels. 15 Because they afflicted the weak and feeble, he will support the cause of the meek. 16 Though the abyss from the mouth of an enemy; 17 the overflow of that from underneath hath deceived thee; and thy table which was full of fatness hath fallen: yet the cause of the righteous shall not fail. 18 But there shall be wrath against the ungodly, on account of the wicked bribes which they received for injustice. 19 Let not the earnest entreaty of the weak in distress turn aside thee and all those in the exercise of authority. 20 Do not spin out the night that crowds may come to their assistance. 21 But be careful not to do improper things: for by such a conduct thou wilt extricate thyself from distress. 22 Behold the Almighty will strengthen with his strength: for who is powerful as he? Or who can examine his works? 23 Or who can say, He hath done unjust things? 24 Remember that his works are greater than what men have attempted. 25 Every man hath seen by himself how many mortals are wounded. 26 Behold the Almighty is multifarious in operations beyond our comprehension. The number of his years are indeed infinite 27 and by him the particles of rain can be counted. 28 When they are collected into a cloud for rain, the heavens will pour down. But when the clouds cast a shade over the dumb creation he impressed a care on beasts, and they know the order for going to bed. 29 At all these things is not thine understanding confounded? And is not thy heart starting from the body? Now though the outspread cloud be rushing together, to the whole extent of his pavilion, 30 behold! with a clap of thunder he will expand it over him. He hath indeed covered the out branchings of the sea! 31 For with what he judgeth nations he can give food in abundance. 32 When with his hands he hath covered the light, and hath given provisional orders concerning food; 33 the Lord will warn his friend that there is a portion also for injustice. Therefore
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