Job 35

Thomson(i) 1 Then Elius proceeded and said, 2 What thinkest thou of this in thy pleading? Who art thou that thou shouldst say, "I am righteous before the Lord?" 3 Or wilt thou say, "What can I do if I sin?" 4 I will answer thee and these three friends of thine. 5 Look up to yonder heaven and see; and observe the clouds, how high above thee they are. 6 If thou hast sinned, what canst thou do? And if thou hast multiplied transgressions, what canst thou effect? 7 If thou art righteous, what canst thou give him? Or will he receive any thing at thy hands? 8 Thy wickedness may affect a man like thyself: and thy righteousness, a son of man . 9 On the account of a multitude, they who are falsely accused will scream: They will call aloud because of the arm of many, 10 but none said, where is the God who made me; 11 who regulateth the watches of the night; who distinguisheth me from the beasts of the earth and from the birds of the air? 12 There let them scream. He indeed may not hearken even at the abuse of bad men. 13 "Since it is not the Lord's desire to see improper things; since he, the Almighty, 14 is the observer of them who do injustice; he should save me:" but be judged before him. Canst thou praise him as things are? 15 Because he doth not regard Job's anger; and hath not severely animadverted on some offence: 16 therefore Job vainly openeth his mouth; he loadeth his speeches with folly.
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