Job 34

Thomson(i) 1 Then Elius proceeded and said, 2 Hearken to me, ye wise men, and ye who have knowledge listen attentively. 3 For the ear trieth words and the palate tasteth meats. 4 Let us take upon us the right of judging: Let us know among ourselves what is good. 5 For Job hath said, "I am righteous: the Lord hath removed from me the trial; 6 and hath disappointed me of my trial. My wound is grievous without transgression." 7 What man is there like Job, who drinketh up scorning like water; 8 who hath neither sinned, nor been guilty of impiety; nor associated with the workers of iniquity to walk with impious men? 9 For thou shouldst not say, There shall be no visitation of man. He shall indeed have a visitation from the Lord. 10 Therefore hearken to me, ye who are wise in heart. Far be it from me to be profane before the Lord; or before the Almighty to disturb the course of justice. 11 "But he should render to every man according to each one's work; so that in his own paths every man may find him." 12 But dost thou think that the Lord will do improper things? Or will the Almighty who made the earth, pervert judgment? 13 Now who is this maker of the World and of all the things therein? 14 For were it his pleasure to confine, and keep to himself, the wind, 15 all flesh would expire together; and every mortal would return to earth, of which they were formed. 16 See that thou be not chastened. Hear these things; listen attentively to the sound of words. 17 Consider that he who hateth iniquity; and that he who destroyeth the wicked, being eternal, is just. 18 He is irreverent, who saith to a king, Thou transgressest: to princes, you are acting impiously. 19 Who hath no respect for the person of an honourable man; nor knoweth how to honour nobles by respecting their persons." 20 But it should be in vain for them to cry or to entreat a man, for they behaved wickedly in turning aside the weak. 21 For he is the observer of men"s actions, and nothing that they do can escape his notice: 22 nor can there be a place, where the workers of iniquity can be concealed." 23 That he will not yet set himself against a man; 24 is because the Lord superintended all in ways unsearchable; glorious and wonderful, not to be numbered. 25 "As he knoweth their works: he should bring on night and they should be humbled. 26 But hath he extinguished the wicked though they are visible before him? 27 Because they turned aside from the law of God and did not acknowledge his judgments, 28 when they cause the cry of the poor to ascend to him, he should hearken to the cry of the poor." 29 But when he giveth rest, who shall call him to account? When he hideth his face, who can see him? Both against a nation, and against a man at the same time, 30 he maketh a hypocritick man king; because of the perverseness of a people. 31 Because one saith to the Almighty, "I have taken, I will not again take a pledge: 32 I will look beyond myself; do thou shew me: If I have done iniquity, I will do so no more." 33 Will he for thee punish that iniquity? Because thou must deny; because thou must draw the conclusion, not I: therefore speak what thou knowest. 34 For they who are wise in heart will say the same: and a wise man hath heard this word of mine. 35 Job indeed hath not spoken with wisdom: his words are not with understanding. 36 Therefore let Job learn and no more make reply like the foolish; 37 that we may not add to our transgressions. For iniquity will be charged to our account; if we multiply speeches before the Lord.
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