Job 34

Great(i) 1 Elihu proceadynge forth in hys answere, sayd: 2 Heare my wordes (O ye wyse men) herken vnto me, ye that haue vnderstandynge. 3 For the eare proueth and discerneth the wordes, and the mouth tasteth the meates: 4 As for iudgement, let vs seke it out amonge oure selues, that we may knowe what is good. 5 And why? Iob hath sayde: I am ryghteous, but God doth me wronge. 6 I must neades be a lyer, though my cause me ryght, and violently I am plaged where as I made no faut: 7 where is there soch a one as Iob, that drincketh vp scornefulnes lyke water? 8 whych goeth in the company of wycked doers, and walketh wyth vngodly men? 9 For he hath sayed: Though a man be good, yet is he naught before God. 10 Therfore herken vnto me, ye that haue vnderstandynge. Farre be it from God, that he shuld medle wyth wickednesse: and farre be it from the Almyghtye, that he shulde medle wyth vnryghteous dealynge: 11 For he shall reward the worckes of man, and cause euery man to fynde accordynge to his wayes. 12 For sure it is, that God condemneth no man wrongefully, and the iudgement of the Almyghtye is not vnryghteous. 13 Who ruleth the earth in his steade? Or, whom hath he sett to gouerne the whole worlde? 14 To whom hath he geuen hys herte, for to drawe hys sprete and breth vnto hym? 15 All flesh shall come together vnto naught, and all men shall turne agayne vnto dust. 16 If thou now haue vnderstandyng, heare what I saye, and herken to the voyce of my wordes? 17 Maye he be a ruler, that loueth no ryght? Or maye he that is a very innocent man, do vngodly? 18 Is it reason, that thou shuldest saye to the kynge: Thou art wicked, or, thou art vngodly, and that before the prynces? 19 He hath no respecte vnto the personnes, of the lordly, and regardeth not the rych more then the poore. For they be all the worcke of hys handes. 20 In the twyncklinge of an eye shall they dye: and at mydnight, when the people and the tyrauntes rage, then shall they perish, and be taken awaye without handes. 21 And why? his eyes loke vpon the wayes of man, and he seyth all hys goynges. 22 There is no darcknes nor shadowe of death, that can hyde the wycked doers from hym. 23 For no man shalbe suffred to go into iudgement wt God. 24 Many one: yee innumerable doth he punyshe, & setteth other in their steades. 25 Therfore shall he declare their worckes, he shall turne the nyght, and they shall be destroyed. 26 They that were in the steade of Sears, dealt lyke vngodly men: 27 and therfore he punyshed them, because they turned back from hym, and wolde not consyder all hys wayes. 28 In so moch that they haue caused the voyce of the poore to come vnto hym, and now he heareth the complaynte of soche as are in trouble. 29 If he graunte pardon, who wyll condemne? And yf he hyde awaye hys countenaunce, who shalbe able to se it? whether it be to the people or to any man, thus wyll he do. 30 For the vngodlynesse of the people, doth God make an ypocrite to reygne, ouer them. 31 For so moch then as I haue begonne to talke of God, I will not hyndre the. 32 If I haue gone a mysse, enfourme thou me: yf I haue done wronge, I will leaue of. 33 Can he do nothinge without the? For thou hast reproued hys iudgement. Thou also hast thyne awne mynde and not I. 34 But speake on what thou knowest. Let men of vnderstonding tell me, and let a wyse man herken vnto me. 35 As for Iob, he hath nether spoken to the purpose nor wisely. 36 O father, let Iob be well tryed, because he hath answered for wycked men: 37 yee, aboue his synne he doth wyckedly: triumpheth amonge vs, and multiplieth hys wordes agaynst God.