Job 34

ISV(i) 1 Elihu continued speaking, and said: 2 "Listen to what I have to say, you wise men! Pay attention to me, you educated people! 3 Since the ear tests words like a palate tastes food, 4 let's choose what's right for us. Let's consider among ourselves what is good." 5 Now this is Job's claim: 'Even though I'm innocent, God has stopped treating me righteously. 6 Have I lied concerning the justice that I deserve? My wound is incurable, though transgression cannot be attributed to me.' 7 "What man is like Job, who drinks mockery like water, 8 traffics in evildoers, and walks with wicked people? 9 Because he says, 'There's no profit for a man to find joy with God.'" 10 "Therefore you men of understanding, listen to me! Far be it for God to practice wickedness, or the Almighty to do what is wrong, 11 because he repays a person for his behavior; and according to a person's conduct, he lets it happen to him. 12 Truly, God doesn't practice wickedness, and the Almighty doesn't pervert justice. 13 Who entrusted the earth to him? Who made him responsible for the entire inhabited world? 14 If he were to decide to do so, that is, to take back to himself his spirit and breath of life, 15 every living thing would die all at once, and mankind would return to dust." 16 If you have understanding, listen to this! Pay attention to what I have to say: 17 Can one who hates justice really govern? And if God is righteous and mighty, can you condemn him? 18 Can one say to a king, 'You're vile!' or to nobles, 'You're wicked!'? 19 Who isn't partial to princes? Who doesn't gives preference to the nobles over the poor? Nevertheless, all of them are his handiwork. 20 "They die suddenly, in the middle of the night; people suffer seizures and pass away; even valiant men can be taken away {— } and not by human hands. 21 Yes, Job, his eyes constantly watch the behavior of human beings; he carefully observes their every step. 22 There's no such thing as darkness to him {— } not even deep darkness {— } that can conceal those who practice evil. 23 He won't examine mankind further, that they would go before God to judgment. 24 He shatters valiant men without a need to investigate, and he raises others in their place. 25 Thus he acknowledges their behavior, and overcomes them; when night time comes, they are crushed. 26 "He strikes the wicked among them in a place where they can be seen 27 because they've abandoned their pursuit of him and had no respect for any of his ways. 28 As a result, the cries of the poor have reached him and he has heard the cry of the afflicted. 29 "If he is remains silent, who will condemn him? If he conceals his face, who can see him? He watches over both nation and individual alike, 30 to keep the godless man from reigning or laying a snare for the people." 31 "Has anyone ever really said to God, 'I've endured, and I won't act corruptly anymore. 32 What I don't see, instruct me! If I've done anything evil, I won't repeat it!' 33 "Should you not be paid back, since you have rejected him? You do the choosing! I won't! Tell us what you know! 34 "Men of understanding, speak to me! Are any of you men wise? Then listen to me! 35 Job has been speaking from his own ignorance, and what he has to say lacks insight! 36 Oh, how Job needs to be be given a full court trial, as a rebuke to those who practice evil, 37 because he has been adding rebellion to his sin; he claps his hands among us, and keeps on ranting against God."