Job 35

ECB(i) 1 And Eli Hu answers and says, 2 Fabricate you this to be judgment, that you said, My justness is more than of El? 3 that you said, What use is it to you? and, What benefit I from my sin? 4 - I respond utterances to you and your friends with you. 5 Look to the heavens and see; observe the vapours high above you. 6 If you sin, what work you against him? Or if your rebellions be multiplied, what do you to him? 7 If you be justified, what give you him? Or what takes he from your hand? 8 Your wickedness is for a man as you; and your justness for the son of humanity. 9 By reason of the abundance of oppressions they cause to cry out - to cry out by reason of the arm of the great. 10 And no one says, Where is Elohah my Worker - who gives psalms in the night? 11 - who teaches us more than the animals of the earth? - who enwisens us more than the flyers of the heavens? 12 There they cry, and he answers not at the face of the pomp of evil. 13 Surely El neither hears vanity nor Shadday observes. 14 Yes, although you say you observe him not, the plea is at his face; writhe in him. 15 And now, because there is none, he visits his wrath; yet in mighty stupidity, he knows not: 16 and Iyob gasps his mouth in vain; he weaves utterances without knowledge.