Job 35

Coverdale(i) 1 Eliu spake morouer, and sayde: 2 Thinkest thou it right that thou sayest: I am rightuous before God 3 Seinge thou sayest so, how doest thou knowe it? What thinge hast thou more excellet, the I yt am a synner? 4 Therfore will I geue answere vnto the & thy frendes: 5 loke vnto the heaue, & beholde it: cosidre ye cloudes, how they are hyer then thou. 6 Yf thou synnest, what dost thou vnto him? Yf thine offences be many, how gettest thou his fauoure? 7 Yf thou be rightuous, what geuest thou him? Or, what receaueth he of thy handes? 8 Of soch an vngodly personne as thou, & of ye sonne of man that is rightuous as thou pretendest to be: 9 there is a greate crie & coplaynte made by the that are oppressed with violence, yee eueryman complayneth vpon the cruell arme of tyrauntes. 10 For soch one neuer sayeth: Where is God that made me? ad yt shyneth vpon vs, that we might prayse him in the night? 11 Which geueth vs more vnderstodinge then he doth the beastes of the earth, and teacheth vs more then the foules off heaue. 12 Yf eny soch complayne, no ma geueth answere, and yt because of the wickednesse off proude tyrauntes. 13 But yf a man call vpon God, doth not he heare him? Doth not the Almightie accepte his crie? 14 Wha thou speakest then, shulde not he pardon the, yff thou open thyself before him, and put thy trust in him? 15 Then vseth he no violence in his wrath nether hath he pleasure in curious and depe inquisicions. 16 Therfore hath Iob opened his mouth but in vayne, ad folishly hath he made so many wordes.