Job 36

ECB(i) 1 And Eli Hu also adds and says, 2 Stay around; and I show you that I have yet utterances on behalf of Elohah. 3 I lift my knowledge from afar and give justness to my Worker. 4 For truly my utterances are not false; the integrious in knowledge is with you. 5 Behold, El is mighty and spurns not - mighty in force and heart. 6 He enlivens not the wicked and gives judgment to the humble; 7 he diminishes not his eyes from the just and with sovereigns on the throne: yes, he settles them in perpetuity and they are lifted: 8 and if bound in bonds and captured in cords of humiliation; 9 then he tells them their deeds and their rebellions because they prevail mightily: 10 and he exposes their ear to discipline and says to them to return from mischief. 11 If they hearken and serve him, they conclude their days in good and their years in pleasures: 12 and if they hearken not, they pass away expired by the spear, and die without knowledge. 13 And the profaners in heart set wrath; they cry not when he binds them: 14 their soul dies in ladhood and their life is among the hallowed whoremongers. 15 He delivers the poor in their humiliation and exposes their ears in oppression: 16 And he also removes you from the mouth of the narrow into a broadness, where there is no narrowness under; and what rests on your table is full of fatness. 17 And you fulfill the plea of the wicked; the plea and judgment are upheld: 18 because of fury, lest he goad you with gluttony; then a great koper/atonement spreads not to you. 19 Appraises he your opulence? - your mines, your forces of force? 20 Gulp not the night, when people ascend in their stead. 21 On guard! Face not mischief; for you choose this, rather than humiliation. 22 Behold, El lofts by his force; Who teaches as he? 23 Who visits him on his way? or who says, You have done wickedness? 24 Remember to increase his deeds for men to behold; 25 for all humanity to see; for man to scan far off. 26 Behold, El is exceedingly excellent and we know neither him, nor probe the number of his years: 27 for he diminishes the drops of water; they refine rain into the mist; 28 which the vapours flow and drip abundantly on humanity. 29 And discern you the spreadings of the thick clouds? or the clamorings of his sukkoth/brush arbor? 30 Behold, he spreads his light thereon and covers the roots of the sea. 31 For by them he pleads the cause of the people; he gives food in abundance; 32 with his two palms he covers the light and misvahs and intercedes. 33 The shouting tells concerning him; also the chattel and the holocaust. ]