Job 36

Coverdale(i) 1 Eliu proceaded forth in his talkinge, & sayde: 2 holde the still a litle, and I shal shewe the, what I haue yet to speake on Gods behalfe. 3 I wil open vnto ye yet more of myne vnderstondinge, and proue my maker rightuous. 4 True are my wordes, & no lye: and the knowlege wherwithall I argue agaynst the, is perfecte. 5 Beholde, God casteth not awaye ye mightie, for he himselff is mightie in power and wisdome. 6 As for the vngodly, he preserueth the not but helpeth the poore to their right. 7 He turneth not his eyes awaye from the rightuous he setteth vp kynges in their Trone, and cofirmeth them, so that they allwaye syt therin. 8 But yf they be layed in preson and cheynes, or bounde with the bondes of pouerte: 9 then sheweth he them their workes ad dedes and the synnes wherwt they haue vsed cruell violence. 10 He with punyshinge and nurturinge off them, rowneth them in the eares, warneth them to leaue of from their wickednesse, and to amende. 11 Yf they now will take hede and be obedient, they shall weere out their dayes in prosperite, and their yeares in pleasure ad ioye. 12 But yff they will not obeye, they shall go thorow the swearde, & perish or euer they be awarre. 13 As for soch as be fayned, dyssemblers and ypocrytes, they heape vp wrath for them selues: for they call not vpon him, though they be his presoners. 14 Thus their soule perisheth in foolishnesse, and their lyfe wt ye condened. 15 The poore delyuereth he out of his straytnesse, and comforteth soch as be in necessite and trouble. 16 Euen so shall he kepe the (yf thou wilt be content) from the bottomlesse pytte that is beneth: & yf thou wilt holde the quyete, he shal fyll thy table with plenteousnesse. 17 Neuerthelesse, thou hast condemned the iudgment of the vngodly, yee euen soch a iudgment and sentence shalt thou suffre. 18 For then shal not thy cause be stilled with crueltie, ner pacified with many giftes. 19 Hath God ordened then, that the glorious life off the & all soch mightie men shulde not be put downe? 20 Prolonge not thou the tyme, till there come a night for the, to set other people in thy steade. 21 But bewarre that thou turne not asyde to wickednesse and synne, which hyther to thou hast chosen more then mekenesse. 22 Beholde, God is of a mightie hye power: Where is there soch a gyde and lawegeuer as he? 23 Who wil reproue him of his waye? who wil saye vnto him: thou hast done wronge? 24 O considre how greate and excellent his workes be, whom all men loaue and prayse: 25 yee wondre at him, and yet they se him but afarre of. 26 Beholde, so greate is God, that he passeth oure knowlege, nether are we able to come to ye experiece of his yeares. 27 He turneth ye water to smaldroppes, he dryueth his cloudes 28 together for to rayne, so that they poure downe and droppe vpon men. 29 He can sprede out the cloudes (a couerynge off his tabernacle) 30 and cause his light to shyne vpo them, and to couer the botome of the see. 31 By these thinges gouerneth he his people, and geueth the abundaunce of meate. 32 In ye turnynge of a hande he hydeth the light, & at his commaundement it commeth agayne. 33 The rysinge vp therof sheweth he to his frendes and to the catell.